Ok another question...What was it that made you want to collect the POTF2 and POTJ toys? For me, it was a friend who at that time was into it. I wasnt, I wasnt impressed with the first wave. They had looked really bad and besides all I wanted was the falcon. However, it looked so empty that I had to get han and chewie for it. Well to say the least, before I knew it I had to get them all and that tradition continues to this day. Although my friend has quit collection, I havent! I have so much fun collection, its like a scavenger hunt! I am so awed by the amount of detail in the figs and it makes me happy knowing that the ones I couldnt get as a kid, that now I can. Like filling some void left behind. I hope to continue this tradition with my daughter, just hopefully not with Barbies! I am glad that she is missing out on barnie and those god awfull power rangers!