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    Where was the Oddest/worst place you found a SW toy?

    I was talking to the wife the other day, as I was flashbacking to my yesterday of collecting the orginal line, when it occured to me the first time I had gotten Han. You see my parents didnt know a thing about SW when I was a kid so they got me the figs but they didnt know who they was. And I remember that other than the falcon, I always wanted a han solo. Well, be the absent minded parents, they got me every other fig but a han. So like judge mathis I had to make due! So I used a hoth luke because you really couldnt tell that it was a luke, at least not to an 8 yr old. At least I put it out of my mind that it wasnt luke but instead it was Han. Yeah, I even used battle star gallatica too. In fact, I had Darth vader, lost him so I made a cyclone the "NEW" vader. I suppressed a lot! Well, one day a kid in the neighborhood had told me that there was a han in the dumpster. Well, being the SW fan, guess who went diving. Yep, I did get that han solo, despite the fact it had a torn hand. More likely it was a chew toy for a dog, and the head had chew marks as well...looked like T1000 after messing with arnie! But hey I finally got my han!

    Anybody else have some stories like this?
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    Re: Where was the worst place you found a SW toy?

    Originally posted by The Bald Ewok
    Anybody else have some stories like this?
    Not really but I did find a yellow Stormtrooper at the beach awhile ago, it was pure yellow (he must not have put on 30+ sunscrean It was just on the beach with some sand over it but a cool find none the less
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    Like 15 yrs. ago i went to my cousin's house and he was showing me his new G.I. Joe figures, as i was looking at the figures he then took out a Taun Taun and gave it to me, he said G.I. Joe had taken over SW and that he no longer had use for that lizard...It was a vintage Taun Taun (open belly)!!!
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    Where was the worst place you found a SW toy?

    ...why, in the hands of my childhood enemy, Tim Lennon! He was the Scott Farkas of our school (cue sounds from "Christmas Story" ). He always got what he wanted and all the other kids just stood there jealous (and trembling in fear of this bully)! Of course... my friends Alan and Tim B. snatched a couple away from him by the end of the school year as an act of revenge. I lived in fear of his older brother who was like 4 years older than us, but flunked 3 times! *shudder*
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    Oddest place you found a Vintage Star Wars toy, etc?

    What is the weirdest place you found a vintage Star Wars figure, weapon, or part?

    For me it has to be in a tea cup that my mom would throw all the stuff she would find on the floor in the house. A few years back I went through it looking for something else and found a Speeder Bike gun. Must've been in there for over 20 years.

    On a somewhat related note I once found a MOTU Skeletor sword under the backseat of a car in a junkyard. Also, my mom dug up a diecast jet plane in the garden once which may or may not have been mine when I was a kid.

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    Years ago I was burning some old old boxes of school papers and found several Stormtroopers in there.

    I recently helped my parents remodel my brother's old bedroom and I found a GI Joe bomb behind the moulding above the closet doorway.

    My parents still find the occasional LEGO brick or GI Joe accessory in their garage. Most of the loose stuff probably belonged to my brother since I always kept my toys segregated and fairly well organized in storage.
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    Vintage Death Star Gunner at a garage sale for a dime.

    Black Bespin Guard buried in the sandbox for X amount of years.

    Sandpeople's staff hung up in the frizzy undercarriage of my mom's ottoman.

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    Hey?!!! That was funny!

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    At a job site once I found a die cast X-Wing. I looks like it had been in the ground sence the 70's.

    I did pick up a Princess Leia in bag full of toys for $1. No cape or gun but very clean, it's still in my collection today

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