I was talking to the wife the other day, as I was flashbacking to my yesterday of collecting the orginal line, when it occured to me the first time I had gotten Han. You see my parents didnt know a thing about SW when I was a kid so they got me the figs but they didnt know who they was. And I remember that other than the falcon, I always wanted a han solo. Well, be the absent minded parents, they got me every other fig but a han. So like judge mathis I had to make due! So I used a hoth luke because you really couldnt tell that it was a luke, at least not to an 8 yr old. At least I put it out of my mind that it wasnt luke but instead it was Han. Yeah, I even used battle star gallatica too. In fact, I had Darth vader, lost him so I made a cyclone the "NEW" vader. I suppressed a lot! Well, one day a kid in the neighborhood had told me that there was a han in the dumpster. Well, being the SW fan, guess who went diving. Yep, I did get that han solo, despite the fact it had a torn hand. More likely it was a chew toy for a dog, and the head had chew marks as well...looked like T1000 after messing with arnie! But hey I finally got my han!

Anybody else have some stories like this?