View Poll Results: Should new footage of Prequel Characters be added to the Classic DVD's?

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  • YES, it would help bring all the 6 movies together!

    649 47.90%
  • NO, the Classic Trilogy should not be altered!

    317 23.39%
  • MAYBE, depends on who it is and how it's done.

    389 28.71%
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    Originally posted by CooLJoE
    And Leia never said PADME was dead. Just that her mother was dead. Remember, Padme gave both of them up to 2 seperate parents. So to Leia, her real mother was whoever cared for her after Padme gave her up.
    Why would her step-mother be sad. Plus Luke specifically asked about her "real mother".

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    Many DVDs have extended branching features...kind of like a find your fate novel. I think that the main root menu should give you the option of additional scenes intertwined with the feature or viewed seperatly...but definately on one disc. I would like to see the whole story like I am living it, one continuous movie...I only wish they had doe that with E1.

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    I voted maybe. If new footage is added as DVD extras, I'm all for it. But other wise, I'm not so sure.
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    The good news is that Lucas changes his mind more often than he changes his movies, the OT DVD release is still at least three years away, who knows how much will change by then.

    I'm of the mind that Lucas should release the original versions now with a few extras. Then after Ep3 is released he can change whatever he wants and re-release the altered versions. Who here wouldn't buy both if he did this?
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    I think its fine that Lucas creats or re-editd the original trilogy to whatever vision he wants. It is after all his baby. And for those of you who want the original trilogy on dvd in its original format, just goto ebay and buy it! Its already available. I owned them for a while til I gave it to my brother for Xmas. Its perfect. I might get me another copy soon.

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    Destroy the classics

    I personally hope they change everything so that it is updated. I love the classics as much as anyone, but you have to advance with time. In a perfect world Lucas would keep adding and changing the films every ten years so they stay up with technology. Personally I'm not against them remaking episode 4, 5 and 6. Then we could have the ultimate consistency. Get rid of the old and bring in the new. Give me a new luke and Han. Remake the classics entirely now that we can. If this happened Lucas could make even more $$. He could sell the unedited to the classic minded and the new to people like myself. Maybe this time we can get better Ewoks. Not so teddy bear like but more like wookies. He could expand on Boba Fett and tie everything together. So my vote is to remake the old classics with the actors of today.

    Before the flames come down let me say I was old enough to see the ANH, ESB and ROTJ in the theatre (Well kinda I was 1 when ANH came out). I love them but they are the past.
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    I voted "maybe". I'll evaluate it on a case by case basis, just like with the Special Editions. Some stuff I liked, some stuff I didn't.

    If he didn't need to include midichlorians in the 2nd (and probably 3rd) episode, why would he need to put them in the 4th, 5th, and 6th?

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    Why don't they make a seperate "Deleted scenes" DVD to accompany the six-ilogy!

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    YES, but DVD option should allow to watch movies WITH or WITHOUT new scenes

    At first, I was hesitant (now as with Special Edition of original trilogy). But really, movies aren't gospel, if the author wants to rewrite (as one might for a new edition of a book), then why not! Plus, I trust Lucas' sense of the story arc, and am sure that changes would add value to the story.

    However, what does alarm me, is that unlike books which stick around for ever, as technology changes, earlier versions of movies can become quite hard to find. For instance, at my local Blockbuster you can't rent original versions of the first trilogy. This isn't good, because sometimes you want to just watch a movie as it appears. One day people will want to see what a pioneer 1977 sci-fi movie looked like (without late 20th c or early 21st c. added scenes/innovations).

    What calms this worry of mine is that DVD and digital technology should allow for pleasing everyone. My stipulation is all non-original scenes (ie, non 1977, 1980, 1983) should be programmed as their own "chapters" on DVDs, with an easy option for viewers to select "original movie", "special edition", "2003? version", etc.

    Wouldn't this please everyone?

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    . . . oh yeah, how about old scenes as well !

    Just read through all posts, and agree about adding old cut scenes to DVDs (again as chapters that can easily be watched or not watched).

    The Luke/Biggs scene on Tatoine is a big one that I have heard about since the time of the original film. I believe that it adds to the sense of Luke's frustration about not being able to join the Rebellion, and also explains his warm welcome to Biggs when he finally makes it.

    Just curious, what is the scene in the book about Luke watching a battle in the stars from Tatoine. Several people have mentioned it. Was it filmed, do we know for sure?


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