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    Renditions to New Trilogy

    As a member of the film comunity, it was once said to me that "No film is ever finished, it is merely abandoned." Lucas re-iterated this idea in his recent Maxim interview. I agree. They are his movies, and he should be allowed to make any alterations to them he sees fit Perhaps time and technology at the point he was making the films did not allow for the full spectrum of his vision. The beauty of the situation is that now he can make them even more rich and beautiful for us than he could do back in 1977. I agree with any change that Lucas deems to make, for after all they are his world, and any change he makes only enriches that universe for us. (With, of course, the exception of Greedo shooting first. Bad idea. Horrible freakin' idea.)

    - A. Allen, esq.

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    Regarding the Tatooine scenes:

    Yes, it was filmed. But I agree that it should have been cut. It interrupts the continuity of the whole opening scene. The only time Luke can actually see something in space is before the Tantive is captured. He can see little specks of light and some fire being exchanged between them. The only way I could see handling this scene insertion, is to do some more shots of the Blockade Runner fighting the Star Destroyer. Otherwise it all happens too fast.

    When Luke goes to see Biggs, he tries to get Cammie, Fixer, and Deak to go and look at the ships exchanging fire. They're too late and see nothing, then make fun of Luke for hallucinating it all until Biggs shows up and believes him. Then Luke talks about joining the Rebellion.

    Meanwhile, the stormtroopers have boarded the ship, killed practically everyone and are searching for Leia while R2 and 3PO are trying to escape.

    Do you really want to interrupt that with "characters you don't know that don't figure in the bigger story" who are trying to watch it through macrobinoculars and then making fun of some kid (Luke - though we're not introduced to him being in the plotline yet either)?

    To me it wouldn't have made any sense (back in '77) and it is disruptive of the flow now.

    It's the eqivalent of say, having Anakin watch the Invasion of Naboo (if he could see it) through a telescope, almost 40 minutes before Qui-Gon and Padme walk into Watto's shop and we start to realize that Anakin is going to interact with the cast members.

    Luke is introduced when the droids are bought from the Jawas in ANH. About 20 minutes into the film. Let's leave it that way.

    The only other way to do this is to have a flashback on what was happening on Tatooine during the space battle, AFTER 3PO and R2 have escaped. It's just silly.

    I've seen the footage at the '97 Comic Con (I think it was) and it is a cool curiosity. Better to put it on the DVD as additional footage but NOT during the flow of the movie.
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    Thanks Typho for the insight on those scenes.

    Put in perspective, I agree with you. Didn't realize that the Biggs scene happens in the middle of the space/Leia+droids scenes.

    Leave them on the cutting room floor...
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    Good point to about added footage. With DVD technology, not all extra scenes need to be integrated into the story. Some can just be added curiosities, like blooper clips, etc. A good DVD was for Gladiator, where you can watch all kinds of scenes that didn't make it, but as extras - they are not integrated into the movie sequence.
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    i think it is a bit to early to start worrying about this ,we havnt even seen episode 111 yet ,so we don't really know what will happen to padme,yes liea said she was dead, but luke thought his father was dead, and didnt know he had a sister,im'e sure george lucas knows what hes doing ,i dont think padme will suddenly show up out of the blue in rotj,as he's supposedly adding to all three so i think it will be explained along the way.we have to find out why padme gives her children away .and why liea becomes a princes and luke becomes a farm boy.there's a lot to be explained yet which will hopefully be answerd in episode it might make sense to add,but who knows yet?only lucas knows himself.

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    Re: Destroy the classics

    Originally posted by JosephGD
    I personally hope they change everything so that it is updated. I love the classics as much as anyone, but you have to advance with time. In a perfect world Lucas would keep adding and changing the films every ten years so they stay up with technology. Personally I'm not against them remaking episode 4, 5 and 6. Then we could have the ultimate consistency. Get rid of the old and bring in the new.

    Hmmm ... I may change my mind ... and while we're at it, let's go back and have him remake THX 1138 ... but this time he can CG hair on Robert Duvall's head. Of course, I would like to have six or seven versions of this movie on the disk. Perhaps an animated musical version also. Hmmm.

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    I support the idea that Lucas should update the SFX for the "first" trilogy to bring it more in line with the prequels. But, while Lucas does have the right to do what he wishes with his films, don't prefer any newly filmed footage added in. They would simply disrupt the rhythm of the films.

    Most discrepancies that are posed by TPM and AOTC can either: 1) be explained in Episode III,
    2) can be explained away (ie Yoda/Qui Gon as instructing Obi Wan), or
    3) just be lived with.

    Especially in the case of Obi Wan and Luke, Obi Wan was not going to reveal the truth about Anakin and threaten Luke's fufillment of his destiny. Also, if asked about events 20 years ago, most people are not going to provide an exact account anyway, so there should be some leeway for Obi Wan's inconsistencies.

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    I don't have a problem with this. I just think however that it's cool to see it all wind togther.

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    I have never posted to these forums before, but I just have to now. Why would anyone want to stop a new generation from enjoying a new version of the classic trilogy. New scenes could definitely make the flow of the 6 movies, not two trilogies, much better. If they make the original classic version of the movies available on DVD along with any new, updated version, what's there to complain about. If you don't want anything to do with new versions, just don't watch them, but don't spoil it for those of us that would like to see what Lucas has always wanted in these films.

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    I think that deleted scenes would make the dvd worthwhile. Adding new scenes would bring the series together but I would rather see acting instead of cgi
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