View Poll Results: Should new footage of Prequel Characters be added to the Classic DVD's?

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  • YES, it would help bring all the 6 movies together!

    649 47.90%
  • NO, the Classic Trilogy should not be altered!

    317 23.39%
  • MAYBE, depends on who it is and how it's done.

    389 28.71%
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    Yes- in a way. I'd like to see the new footage, but would like the DVD's to be able to play the original version, special edition, and "extra" special edition with the EP1-3 footage. I'm sure it is possible to construct a dvd where you can choose what edition you want to wach, all on one CD with a 2nd CD of extras. It would be interesting to see how GL would change things.

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    There are only a couple of things I'd like to see done.

    1) Fix some of the bugs (I still hate it when R4 blows his top and Luke says what about that blue one. We then pan to R2 and R4 is standing right next to him).

    2) Clean up some of the effects.

    3) The only prequel character I'd like to see added is in Empire. Get rid of the cheesy looking Emperor. Put in Ian McDiarmid and re-record the dialog.

    Making other changes would, in my opinion, weaken the storyline and slow the pace of the movies.

    I would like to see some of the deleted scenes added as a new area, but not included in the movie. I have to agree with a lot of the rest of you. Please include the original version in the release. I personally like the original Jedi ending much better than the special edition one and wish I could see that again (my original tape went to pot).

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    I think it would be a great idea to add more scenes to the OT. Think about it this way, if you are like me, you own the OT in 2 or 3 forms. We would lose nothing by GL adding more scenes. We can always watch the older tapes (which we can transfer to DVD even now).

    I would love to see more added.

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    I didn't read all of these post -- so I am not sure what all has been commented on. Here is my opinion...

    The classic should be left alone. In the new Insider, Lucas already stated that he was not going to add the ORIGIONAL version to DVD -- in his mind the SPECIAL EDITION was the origional version. I would like to see the cut "biggs" sceens, but if I cant see them -- thats fine also.

    I strongly oppose Jimmy Smits and Natalie Portman being added to Episodes 4,5,or 6. It just does not seem right to alter something so precious.

    Many people grew up with SW, and I believe that many of these same people would like to bring up their children with the same great classics. I know I will want my kids to see the origional Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, and even, "It's a Wonderful Life". These movies have such a wonderful message of good classic values and also give that vibe of nastalgia--Star Wars has that same "spark".

    Lets leave the origionals alone....
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    If George wants to alter the OT.They're his to alter!IMO Mr lucas has proved yet again what all movies can be,redefining and adding to a massive social ripple he has created!A film can be seen as entertainment by viewersAs every artist knows,what people think is not important(if important at all)to the completion and extraction of an idea!
    Lucas has proven that film can be an ever changing thig,,like all great stories,myths and legends.There are many King Arthur legends,though they are unproven they still impact people at many different levels!The real question is.............Do you wish to stagnate and except no new challenge.Or grow and embellish that which we know already.
    If Star Wars is Lucas(we are always told he is the visionary master !).Then as he grows and learns so will his tales.And depth,reflection and knowledge come from "life experience".Since his original idea,George has raised children,built an Empire() and grown as a person!So will it be with his art!!!!

    Honey,you cant stop the change,anymore than you can stop the suns from setting.................think about it!

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    I voted no, because the additions made to the original trilogy for the Special Edition release did not make them better movies (except Jedi). But on the other hand, if I could have the choice to watch the classic version or a version with new added footage and have all of the deleted scenes that we have only read about or seen still photos of, I would enjoy that as well. As long as I am able to buy and watch the original version on DVD, I will be happy. They could be really cool and fun additions or they could be as bad as the revised Greedo scene. I disagree with the person complaining about the changed ending to ROTJ. It was a much better ending in the Special Edition.
    I believe that speak for everyone here when I say HUH?.

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    Absolutely he would strengthen the Prequals. If you dont like it then dont buy it...its as easy as that. Otherwise grow up about it.
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    No way, don't do it! The only way it would work is if it was on a completely separate disk. I love the new trilogy, but it definitely has some negative issues surrounding it. I don't think they should taint the old classics.

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    They should release the original, special edition and future reworking all on one DVD set for each movie and make everyone happy.

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    Please don't change the OT! I didn't mind most of the changes in the SE since the FX enhanced the movies slightly. Some of them I can stomach, but others (Greedo shooting first, the ROTJ finale) make me just retch.

    Why can't Lucasfilm do this: Put the original movies on the DVD and add in the option to include the SE features upon demand. They could even do the same for any prequel character footage or original deleted trilogy scenes for optional viewing. How hard could this be? Brian Singer did it for the X-Men DVD for deleted scenes and they work very well. This way Lucasfilm can cater to new fans who aren't as familiar to the OT and the older fans who remember them when they were kids before all the alterations.

    I'm so glad I have the THX set just so I can watch the unaltered movies when I feel like it.
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