View Poll Results: Should new footage of Prequel Characters be added to the Classic DVD's?

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  • YES, it would help bring all the 6 movies together!

    649 47.90%
  • NO, the Classic Trilogy should not be altered!

    317 23.39%
  • MAYBE, depends on who it is and how it's done.

    389 28.71%
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    Should new footage of Prequel Characters be added to the Classic DVD's?

    We have no confirmation of several rumors that are going around out there, but this situation mirrors that of when N'Sync was rumored to being added to AOTC. Fans made a difference!

    But now the situation is different: these are not pop-culture extras that could be added to scenes in the Classic Trilogy, but Real Star Wars Characters.

    Specifically, it is rumored that it's being considered to add Jimmy Smits as Viceroy Bail Organa watching the Death Star approach and destroy his home planet of Alderaan while Grand Moff Tarkin threatens Princess Leia to do just that.

    And it is also rumored that Natalie Portman will film for a scene in Return of the Jedi portraying Padme Amidala for an unknown sequence which could involve anything from a taped hologram, an appearance of a ghost sensed by the Force-sensitive, to the actual return of the then-50-year-old living mother of Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia.

    We've tried different options to help count votes on how each of you feel, but ultimately SirSteve and JediTricks felt it better to simplify the choices because the 5 options I gave originally confused some people and made it difficult to draw meaning from just glancing at the results.

    Let's try this again now and please post your thoughts.

    Should new footage of Prequel Characters be added to the Classic DVD's?
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