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    watchin chappelles show the lost episodes.

    Talking who's hotter, leia or padme'?

    in the movies, they both act like they know everything....but still pull off the cute girl from that other planet. but, they have there pros and cons. leia is older than what padme was in the movies(?) but padme' is just plan hot. i mean, look at the scene where mace windu is telling anikan to protect padme' on naboo. you can see right through her shirt....can you do that with leia? no. do either of them (most likely for leia) wear a bra? no. i think lucas did this just for the guys to think "if i could only be anikan or han..."

    whats your opinion?
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    i think padme is the better of the two, and when it natalie portman is 50 years old, she'll probably still be hot, unlike carrie fisher today. portman has a prettier face to start with, and appears to live a much more healthy lifestyle than fisher did during her 20's.
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    Padme....hands down

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    Padme. Absolutely. Still though, Leia was pretrty hot in ESB. There's just something about her in that snowsuit.......
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    natalie may not make it to age 50. reports she's buying a house in israiel. maybe she ain't so smart after all.

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    watchin chappelles show the lost episodes.
    i knew you guys would agree. shes just beautiful through and through.
    Sampsonite! i was way off!

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    For the time, Carrie fisher was a hottie. You can't compare the two really, they are from different eras. back then it was fashionable to eat fatty foods, gain weight, smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol heavily, shove large amounts of narcotics up each nostril and sink into a heady dazed oblivion. These days it's fashionable to be stick thin and eat sticks of celery, ban cigarettes from coming anywhere near you and shag your personal fitness trainer regularly.
    back then the pudgy dough faced roundness of carie fisher was the face of everyone. these days the pudgy dough faced natalie Portman is the face of everyone. (which is why it's easy to find chicks who look a little like her to play those handmaidens) the difference is lifestyle. If natalie did what carrie did then natalie would end up looking like carrie.
    I never though carrie was good looking in a ot stuff kind of way. Don't think natalie is either. Although the make up team did a fantastic job with her for AOTC.

    but if like derek says she's buying a house in Israel, she'll be bugsquash sooner than you can say
    "OhNatalieyou'vegonetoseedandlooklikepoodoojustlik eCarrie"

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    awwww, c'mon, SLAVE GIRL LEIA???? the outift that stuck in the minds of young children and most likely manifested itself as the number one fetish attraction amongst that generation all grown up???

    padme is really hot all the time (in AOC, anyway...) though, so it's a hard choice...
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    No need to give any thought on this. Padme all the way. Nice looking and very independent, and I love her aggressive negotiations. She is even hotter when shes ****ed. Now where can I buy a big wall poster of her posing in that tight white outfit???

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    Padme for sure, no contest.


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