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    Unleashed figures

    I like these. the best one IMO is Darth Maul. It's so well sculpted and likeness is awesome.
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    since I'm a big maul fan too I definetly need this Maul too
    he looks awesome

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    I don't really know much about these things- what is the deal with them? I know they are 8 inches and have crazy poses, but do they have articulation or accessories that come with them?
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    Anyone seen Unleashed Figures?


    What do you think of them?

    Thanks in advance?

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    I've seen that Amazon has the Jango/Boba fig for $15.99.

    I really liked the Epic Force figs but I'm not too impressed with the Unleashed ones. What's up with all the screaming poses? If I do get the Jango/Boba one, I'll probably break Boba off and just keep Jango.
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    I'll be getting the jango and maul figures next week when they hit the Target HQ here in Minneapolis. The only photos I've seen have been from this site and the Toy Mags.

    I'm not over impressed with them, but what the hey. Its something new.

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    can some one give me a run down on the new Unleshed figures. there going to be a Leia in slave outfit.

    2.when are they going to be out?

    3.are cool for the people who have them.

    Thax in advance
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    They were working on Leia: Slave Girl at Celebration 2, so yes unless the line does so poorly that it is cancelled before it reaches production. So support the line, if you like it.

    The Darth Maul and Jango Fett/Boba Fett ones should be hitting soon. Just keep checking your stores. Don't hit the secondary market or scalpers. There isn't enough intrest in the line, to make it really hard to find.

    They look ok, I'll most likely pick them up. But they are a low priorety compared to the 4" figures and vehicles line. I'll definatly get the Dooku one, when it comes out.

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    i'll get maul, leia(if she comes out), a vader if made, and maybe Jango.
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    The Vader one is alright, but I don't have $16 to waste on any of these dustcatchers.

    If the Deluxe retailed for $8.99, and the Unleashed retailed for $10.99, I think these would be more successful. Maul and Jango are going to have a tough battle...and the first four AOTC deluxe have not been moving too swiftly.
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