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    Unhappy AOTC Model Sets

    I found out something pretty interesting today. I went to a local hobbie shop and asked the owner if he'll be getting any AOTC model kits. NO, was the answer. Aparently, he said Lucasfilm is asking to much for the rights to design the sets. He also said that it doesn't look to good for any new Trek sets for the upcoming movie. Same deal. My question is, WHY? Yes, I know Lucasfilm doesn't want to flood the market with to many things. But, does anyone really think model kits are over-doing it? There isn't all that many things out there for AOTC, as was for TPM. Why not models? I would love to get a model of the Republic Gunship and give it a customized paint job.
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    Sales of Phantom Menace plastic kits were poor, mind you, ships such as the Naboo starfighter weren't a classic design like the X-Wing.

    The only AOTC kit I know of for definite is the Jedi Starfighter by Fine Molds due out in July. It's even got the hyperdrive ring.

    Have a look at -

    Sales of Trek kits have been pretty poor in the past few years too. Constant re-issues of the same kits rather than new ships didn't help either. I think kit manufacturers are aiming more at collectors now rather than the mass market.

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    Funny, with the Ep 1 "Die Cast" model of the Naboo Fighter they put out, I would have GLADLY bought an entire series of those from entire SW saga, but I don't think those DC models were marketed properly. Such a waste, I think it's a really keen model, it even shames the Action Fleet version.
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    This intrigues me, the amount of effort and detail thats put into a series, and due to poor sales is discontinued? Instead of making it a limited series, selling at a higher cost at retail gain, in turn making the hard core collector happy and still turning a profit with out a series over run. Why is there so much hold back from Hasbro? Its as if they have forgotten how to market to the consumer? Give us what we want, with limited series geared towards the collectors of dedicated series. If a market for the series is proven, and retail gains have been made, come out with the second series of the same wave at lower cost. In essence testing out the water, and making first wave series truly more attractive to the dedicated collector. As a dedicated collector of Action Fleet, I'm alittle hesitant to start a new collection related to a new series line, simply because, they seem to fizzle out without fullfilling the responsibilty they have towards the dedicated consumer.
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    Another idea, make the collector become more involved with the series. For example, lets consider that Hasbro introduces the all new Ep2 Action Fleet Starfighter as a kick off to its new wave. A Later wave, individuals will be able to customize their Jedi Starfighter with the hyper drive ring, at the same cost of the starfighter. Thus, in effect, doubling the retail gain by essentially selling one vehicle. Quite possibly, alot of you will disagree, and say just flood the market and let the consumer, consume, but quite honestly that is why we the consumer are being dealt the backlash of these poor retail practices, with no or less quality products.


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