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    Southeast Michigan Finds

    Michigan Collectors post your finds here:

    Ann Arbor


    Lots of the Bespin wave. Also Plenty 12" Mace Windu's

    KB Toys

    I found a Lone Djas Puhr Today. They also had Several Count Dooku's, and Yoda's

    Meijer Carpenter RD

    Plenty of the Bespin wave.

    Lincoln Park

    KB Toy Works

    I found three each of the 12" KB Exclusive Red and Yellow Clone Troopers.

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    I found The 12" Jango Fett at the Ann Arbor K-Mart Today

    also the KB Toys at the Briarwood Mall had the 12" Red and Yellow Clone Trooper's.

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    Ultimate Jango Fett

    Picked up the 12" Ultimate Jango Fett this evening at the Waterford K-Mart on Dixie Hwy. It was the lone one remaining. Start checking those K-marts again!

    Good Luck!

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    Grand Rapids Michigan.

    Dooku's, Yoda's
    Bespin Wave

    Bespin Wave

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    I Found Chancellor Palpatine and Djas Puhr at the Howell Wal-Mart Friday Night.

    Alsow Spotted the Deluxe Nexu and Deluxe Anakin at the Gibralter Trade Center in Mount Clements over the Weekend. The Dealers were selling them for $15.00 Each.

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    I found 4 12" Jango Fett's at the super K-Mart on Ford Rd in Canton Today.

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    I found a couple of Nexu at Meijer in Grand Rapids for $9.99 over the weekend.

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    Thanks for the Tip sunblind. I went to the Ann Arbor Meijer today and sure enough they had 1 deluxe Nexu and two Deluxe anakin's.

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    Meijer at Great Lakes had 1 Deluxe Anakin with the sliced up Genosian....found it in "The Shopping Cart of Lost Toys" that was a few isles over. The Meijer girl was pulling the toys out of the cart for proper relocation. Didn't see anything else new.

    KB Toys at Summit Place Mall at about 8:30 this evening had the new Obi-Wan Pilot, Chewbacca and Han Solo. I grab the last of each except 1 Obi-Wan remained. They also had the repackaged Jango Final Battle with the flame effect pointing up rather than down. They also had the Bespin Luke with the flesh colored hand peg (no magnets). Used my $3 off coupon to get 5 figures for $28!!

    Still no signs of the KB 12" Clones (KB at Great Lakes had nothing new as did the Summit Place Target and Great Lakes Target) and I still have yet to find Palpatine, Djas, the Nexus or the Acklay.

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    Grand Rapids KB Toys

    12" Red and Yellow Clone Troopers were found


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