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    Well, I have 3 figures left to find. Yoda #53, Fan Choice figure, and one other... forgot who.... anyway havent seen that christmas droid set yet with r2 and golden rod. Anyone here see them yet?

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    I just saw the Jedi cousil Yoda and the Destroyer Droid at the Dearborn TRU. Looks like those are becoming pretty common finds.

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    Question anything?

    Anyone find anything lately? It's been kinda quite in the isles. At Walmarts in Grand Rapids, I was shocked to see the same 3 figures still there for the past 2 weeks. Whats going on here?

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    Found a bloody stump luke at TRU in Westland today. It was the only luke they had. It is in PERFECT CONDITION and had no price stickers attached, which is surprising, since almost every other figure there had price stickers.

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    Hey I don't want this thread to die! Unless the rest of you do then don't post anything any more
    I will post something as soon as I have something to report
    "This Party's Over!"- Mace Windu

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    Up here in the North, Walmart has the Trash Compactor Sets, but that is all. Meijers/Walmart nothing new since before Christmas. Guess they don't want to make money

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    The Ypsilanti WAL*MART had the Trash Compacter sets and the Saga Tie Bomber over the Weekend.

    I haven't found much of anything else for a while. The new 12" assortment should be hitting Michigan stores soon enough. Also keep your eyes out for the New Darth Tyranus and Obi-Wan Acklay Battle figures as they have been showing up at Target stores in other regions over the past couple of weeks. Good Luck everyone.

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    Nothing up here in the North. Still. I guess it is time to go to Mexico and smuggle the Star Wars figures over the border. It just hard to keep them mint, while caring them in that orifice. Don't get me started about the 12" figures...

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    Target in North Dearborn Hts. Had 1 Rebel soilder w/o beard. This was at 8:30pm Tonight. I passed on it since I already have 2 of them. Just thought I would let everyone know! Happy hunting.

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    Anyone find the new figures in the Westland area yet? I've been looking but have turned up nothing so far. I think Target stores have been getting the new ones such as Darth Tyranus and Padme Droid Factury but I haven't seen anything have you guys seen the new ones yet?
    "This Party's Over!"- Mace Windu


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