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    All of the deluxe figs have shown up around town now. Mostly at TRU, & Wal-mart! Couldn't believe it, thought they weren't going to carry those.

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    Alot of Star Wars Toys Out There

    Walmart has been pumping through their stores tons of figures for the holiday. I'm surprised on how fast their going through them too! I just thought I was the only one buying them.

    Clone War Wave 2
    And all the other basic figures from Slezbag to another Mace Windu

    Thinking that the Stormtrooper (Fan Favorite) is going to be another hard one to find like Elephantmon!


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    I found two McQuarrie Stormtrooper Yesterday @the target in Taylor. I think that there is one per case. I grabbed one and left one!

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    Did anyone hear anything about the silver Clone trooper, like the silver R2_D2 from last year @ toysrus. I haven't hear anything new about it. Please let me know if you hear anything.

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    I've found lots the last few days around western Wayne County stores, Target, K Mart, Walmarts. I'm almost up to date for what I collect (i.e.-not every figure), only missing a Throne Room Emperor and McQuarrie Stormtrooper. I cleaned up at Meijers in Howell/Brighton, R1-G4, Luke Jabbas Palace, R-3PO, Imperial Digintary #2, and all rang up wrong (depending on your point of view) as the close out/marked down Clone Wars figure price of $1.10 each. TEEHEEHEEHEE!

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    Meijers has the Wave 2 of the Basic Figures. We have morons up here. There in clearance mode to, so all the crappy figures that no one wants to pay $1.10 for are left. I saw a box of Wave 2 figures on the top shelf. I grabbed a hockey stick, knocked it down and found the 3 figures I wanted. Walmart already have Wave 1 Basic Figures. I went up to the automatic scanner, an lo and behold, no price! Oh god I said. Thinking I was doing something wrong by 'taking' the figures from the box, and reluctantly talked to the cashier. I told them I found them in a box. I sat there for 15 minutes while she tried to get a price. I told her they were $4.77. Normal price. She comes back after 5 more minutes and tells me $9.99. I said that can't be right. She says that what the toy dept told her. I said no thanks. I have gone back 3 days in a row, and the 3 figures are still on the racks with no prices, the box I opened is still not restocked. I used the price scanner on the figures, and still no price. Ugh.

    I have all the 2003 figures except, Death Clash Vader, Luke Skywalker, Tatoonie Encounter, Mcq-Stormtrooper w/fries. I will trade one ElephantMon for all of these if any one want to.

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    I have found the new "Jedi Luke", R1-G4, & "serving tray" R2. They've beenshowing up at Wal-Mart, TRU, & Target. Also the Cartoon Network "statuettes" have been showing up at Targets. I'm passing on those. I picked up a couple extra Leias, at $12.48 what the heck!

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    12" Star Wars & Meijers!

    Just a quick note, I found Wave 6 of the 12" Star Wars at Meijers, Jawas, Kenobi, & Garindan. Haven't heard any news on Wave 7 yet. Wave 6 has 2 sets per case to it.


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    Just a quick note if any of you collect MARVEL LEGENDS, the series 5 are out, and the Red Skull is the hard one to find. But i just placed an order with Toysrus for one for $8.88.Also the hard to find Blade 2 figure. Now they were backordered, so I still might not get it.

    -My Walmart & Meijers are still in the clearance mode for Star Wars toys, so no new ones yet. Sucks...

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    Found Today: 02/05/04
    Lansing Wal-Mart : New Deluxe Asst. Jabba & Denizens Three Pack
    (it was a brand New un-opened box containing 3units, comprised of
    2 of ea. & 2 Wampas)
    Grand Rapids Wal-Mart (28th St.) : Holographic Luke, New Lando, J'Quille
    & Rappertunie.

    Happy Hunting! If anyone wants me to keep a look out for anything let me
    know. I'm still looking for Tanus Spijek, & Twilight Frodo.


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