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    Forgot to mention, I also saw the new unleashed statues at the 28th st. TRU
    yesterday. I don't collect those myself so I forgot. Also I've seen the latest wave of the Cartoon Network "figures" including Yoda at all the Targets around here. Again not something I collect as I think they're way over priced for something with so little articulation.

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    Found the New Tie-Fighter Pilot at Wal-Mart in Okemos, A freind of mine got there before me and found Dutch Vander, Dodonna, and Antilles. But, no Tanus!!

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    Falling by the wayside

    Well, it's been 3 months almost since any store up here has gotten any Star Wars toys. I now have a lacklaster need to get any more Star Wars figures. I guess if I see some, I'll pick them up. But I'm not going out of my way any more. I surely don't want to buy figures at inflated prices any more either. How many is to much any ways? Collecting use to be fun, now it is a chore. I guest when that happens, it is time to throw in the towel. Happy collecting to every one else, but I think I most bid ado.


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    I hope someone sends a copy of Cavelords posting to Hasblow, maybe they'll be happy, it seems that they've reached their goal of taking the fun out of collecting toys! Them and scalpers.

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    Tanus Spijek

    Hey, has anyone found any Tanus Spijek yet?, I can't even find the rest of the Yavin wave!

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    You found something from the Yavin wave!!!!

    I just finished the Tatooine wave last weekend. I'm still looking for the Jabba's Palace wave!
    May the force be with you.

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    Yavin Wave/Tanus!!!!!

    Hallelujah!!! What do you know!!! They Really are making Tanus Spijeks for someone besides E-tailers & scalpers!!!
    Found yesterday at Okemos Wal-Mart;
    Tanus Spijek
    Gold Leader
    Oh, and more of the Tie fighter pilots.
    Happy everyone!!!!

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    Re: Southeast Michigan Finds

    Sorry, I meant Happy Hunting everyone!

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    Re: Southeast Michigan Finds

    Can anyone please tel me if the TRU silver clonetrooper is starting on Sat,or Sun.

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    Re: Southeast Michigan Finds

    Is that this weekend? I haven't heard anything since the last news item Sir Steve posted! Sweet. Has anyone seen the Red Leader X-wing yet? Is it even out yet?


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