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    Re: Southeast Michigan Finds

    Red Leader X-Wing was pushed back to 15 April.

    The silver clone is supposed to be out on Sunday, but it has already started making mysterious apperances.
    May the force be with you.

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    Re: Southeast Michigan Finds

    Thanks for the info. I was afraid I was missing it. Has anyone seen the Star Destroyer wave yet? I was half tempted to drive to IL. when they posted they had them.

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    Re: Southeast Michigan Finds

    Found Star Destroyer wave at Okemos Wal-Mart today, but I missed Bossk.

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    Talking Re: Southeast Michigan Finds

    Found * the Dearborn Target first thing this morning Captain Antilles, Tie pilot, and Dutch Vander. These were the only one's that where there!

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    Re: Southeast Michigan Finds

    Found Bossk & the rest of the Star Destroyer Wave at Okemos Target yesterday.

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    Thumbs down Re: Southeast Michigan Finds

    Been a few weeks since I've posted, so....
    I'm currently up to date with the "Endor Attack" wave including the deluxe Ewok. I've been finding most of my stuff at the Okemos Wal-Mart. I'm seeing quite a bit of the repacks also.

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    Re: Southeast Michigan Finds

    I found the bespin Leia, Lobot, & Cloud Car Pilot at the St. Johns Wal-Mart today. Nothing else new there.
    I bought the repack bespin Luke at the W.Saginaw Meijers (Lansing) on Satuday. Left behind IG-88 & Bossk. Luke actually has a complete new paint job, no battle damage, and different costume tone. A friend found VOTC figs at the Mt. Pleasent Meijer, no Luke!!

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    Re: Southeast Michigan Finds

    Found LuVOTC Luke at Midland, and Mt. Pleasant Meijers,
    Midland TRU has plenty of wave 2 Jedi council scenes, with Yoda, Qui-Gon, and Ki-Adi.
    Lansing Targets have been resetting their displays with plenty of VOTC, (no Lukes). Also the 12" VOTC Stormtroopers, and gray Boba Fett. Oh, and they've putting their Playskool sets in another ailse,and it's not with the other playskool, or Star Wars!

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    Re: Southeast Michigan Finds

    Dude. Bacta Beast. Your like the most vigilant collector in Michigan. You are the only one that post, and all others just read. I have finally found some of the OTC at Meijers the other day. I am passing on the Vintage Crap that look good but $9.99? Come on, that just ripping me off. How about get rid of the plastic case, and sell it to me for $5.00 like the other ones...I finally said no to Hasbro on something. How about dipping them into silver, and selling them for outrages prices...oh. I just love to play with my silver Boba Fett, because he looks so authentic. Is this how one looks when he comes out the other end of that beast?

    I am going to star looking for more, but am not going to fight for them....

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    Alright I've neglected this thread for way too long! If anyone else is chaecking this lets try to help each other out! It's getting to hard to find stuff again!

    My most recent finds are Sun-Fac and Poggle the lesser, at the Okemos Target stores. I've been hitting the Wal-Marts from Okemos to Ionia and no having any luck. It's making me mad!!! Hey if anyone sees any Marvel Legends Face-Off two packs please let me know!
    Wanted; loose or sealed
    Blue Clone Wars Jedi Starfighter (Not Anakin's), TRU Y-Wing, TRU Gold Leader X-Wing


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