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    Grand Rapids

    Kb Toy Store
    I bought 1 Qui-Gon and 1 Endor solider

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    Lately though, at TRU, Walmart and Target. Nothing.

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    Found the Unleashed Star Wars figures.

    Note: They were not next to the rest of the star wars stuff rather next to the Mcfarland and weird items.

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    Once again...


    12" Jango Fett

    I found four of them and they looked really cool.

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    Bloody Luke @ TRU in Ann Arbor

    I was at Toys R Us in Ann Arbor today at 5:30, and found about 7 bloody Luke Skywalkers. I bought 2 of them, so there was 5 left.

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    I also found a Han Solo, Obi-Wan Pilot, and Palpatine at the Howell Miejers tonight. I bought the Obi-Wan, but the Han and Palpatine were there when I left at 10.

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    how far is howell from grand rapids? do you know....i'm still on the look out for obie pilot, palpy, chewy......alien bount hunter, you left the paply?? not enough money?

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    It's pretty far from Grand Rapids. Howell is next to Brighton, 45 minutes west of Detroit. I already got the han and palpatine, and I don't like to be the loser who hoards new figures that I already own. I can check after work to see if they are still there for you if you want me to pick them up for you.

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    If you could yes. just palpy cause i do have a han. obi too but i doubt they'll have him. thanks if you can.

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    Yeah, I'll check today. Like I said, I got the last Obi, but hopefully Palpatine is still there.


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