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    I sersiouilly think that is sweet dbrubak2 but i got my Yoda from a toy dealer that lives in the same sub divison as me he always sells me the hard to find figures he sold me count dooku, and yoda and he also still sells power of the force 2 so i go to his house for all those kinds of toys he has he also has like a lot of the vintage toys in his bassment he has like everything basically
    "Fought well you have my old padawan"-Yoda

    "This is just the begining"-Count Dooku

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    JediMaster-Yoda, I hope your not paying over 5 dollars for these figures from a man in a basement, just because you're not hitting the stores. You must not care. You must also have alot of money.

    I'd just wait. Like a good Padawan learner. Or you'll be on your way, down the dark path. Most people can't always be or have everything they want, when they want it. Otherwise what would be the point or what would be the fun and excitement of buying the figures and such.

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    I get the feeling that your spoiled.

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    Ann Arbor Toys R Us has new waves galore as of 7:00 pm tonight. Plenty of Obi-Wan Starfighter pilot and some Han's. Curious enough, no Chewbaccas. None.

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    Jedi Master Yoda I saw a Yoda and Dooku this morning for you at the Canton Super K mart on Ford road. Hopefully they should still be there if you need them. They only had one each at around 12.
    Good Luck
    "This Party's Over!"- Mace Windu

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    Oops I seen that you have already got them, sorry!
    "This Party's Over!"- Mace Windu

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    Well, I've waited and now I have Palpy and Acklay. Didnt have to buy them from a man in a basement. AND I spent only the regular price. Not jacked up-scum of the earth dealers prices either.

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    i got the yoda from the dealer for 5 dollars
    "Fought well you have my old padawan"-Yoda

    "This is just the begining"-Count Dooku

    be sure to check out my site

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    That's good to hear. We certainly don't need to be helping out those, suck-ya-dry-behind-the-counter-rip-you-off-scum dealers.

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    Has anyone found an Acklay
    "This Party's Over!"- Mace Windu


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