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    Angry New Lightsaber Colors !!!!!????

    Okay, I am not sure if this has already been discussed in previous threads, as I am brand new to these forums. So if it has been discussed, I apologize for over-discussing this subject. This is something that is really making me wonder though. You may have all noticed by now that in AOTC, all Jedi's with the exception of Mace Windu (he's gotta be special! he's SHAFT!), have either green or blue lightsabers. I still believe that Green signifies Experienced Jedi Knight or Master, i.e. Ki Adi and Yo-Yo-Yo-Yo-Yoda, and blue signifies Padawan, or inexperienced Knight, i.e. Whiny Anakin and Obi Wan (THE MAN). I personally think this is an excellent idea, and i compliment Georgie boy if this was his intention. HOWEVER, what bothers me is that the majority of EPISODE 1 figures have different colored lightsabers. For example, the following Episode 1 figures have the following colors: Saesee Tinn (purple with Black Hilt), Plo Koon (Yellow), and Ki Adi Mundi (i believe purple also?). HOWEVER, in AOTC, Plo Koon has a blue Saber, Saesee has a green Saber, and Ki Adi has a green Saber. Yes, my FOURTH viewing of AOTC consisted of me looking for small little anal details (I am very anal obviously). Their respective AOTC FIGURES also have the new color sabers. SO, my question is, WHY the heck did they not have these same colored sabers on the Episode 1 figures??? Please respond and give me your ideas and or input. Or just tell me that I am too anal, and need to just deal with it. Maybe I am just very upset because the Colorado Avalanche are currently losing against the Red Wings in Game 6. I hate the Red Wings. Almost as much as I have hated some of the nonsensical dialogue in TPM and AOTC. What was Georgie thinking when Anakin said, "This is Jedi business, go back to your drinks!" Are Jedi's supposed to be Intergalactic Police Officers or something? What a STUPID line!! Ok, you have listened to me ramble long enough. Adios mis amigos y amigas! ~ Darth Diablo (aka Darth Diatribe {aka Donnie Darko])
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    I'll try to answer to the best of my knowledge-

    Sam Jackson requested that his blade be purple and unique so he could spot himself in the long shots. Sam is a huge SW freak, and if I were lucky enough to be a Jedi in a movie, I would want to know where I am at all times too!

    That explains why the other characters had theirs changed for AOTC. I don't think anyone was thinking about it at the time the Ep I figures came out.

    On the dialog- George has been known to have some corny lines- for example:

    Ha! See you later Indiana JONES!
    Hey Luke- May the Force be with you.

    Actually the Jedi seem to fill the role of local peace keeper/diplomat. I think this particular line was used to show that citizens of the republic recognize jedi authority- definitely not his worst.

    And on a final note- GO HURRICANES!!!
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    I don really understand why it was so difficult for George to just keep with EU and figures by just making the Jedi have saber colors they already had, like Ki, his was purple, in the toys, comics, even in pictures of the actor w/ his saber. Same with Plo (yellow). I mean ,I know George doesn't really go with EU, but is it that much trouble for someone to lean over and say, um Mr. Lucus, his/her saber has been this color in comics, toys, and video games since EP1. I was really mad when I saw th large army of Jedi running on the arena floor and all of them had either blue or green sabers. Minor problem, but it still bothers me.
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    Along those lines..... Any reason the Sith sabers are red? Or is it just easier to identify bad guys with their black outfits and red sabers...

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    Probably it's just easier to identify them like that. Personally I'm still waiting for a black lightsaber which would be possible and would be equally as menacing as a sith considering they use crystals for their lightsaber to focus the beam which also determines the color of the lightsaber and for a black saber they would most likely need a black qaurtz crystal (it is quartz right? That is formed near volcanos?).
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    Ya know, I really like the broad range of topics around here...

    I had this theory about the colors of sabers that still holds up to an extent. It wasn't directly contradicted by AOTC, but Anakin's actions brings it into question. Excluding Mace Windu, of course

    I noticed that the green sabers were the only color (besides red) used with intent to kill a being. Luke kills Vader in ROTJ, and Obi-Wan hacked up Maul in TMP with Qui-Gon's saber. I figured green represented of the cycle of life, in this case, the instrument used to keep the Force in balance.

    Blue is recognized as neutral, peaceful, ect., and blue sabers have only been used in defensive strikes. Note that Obi-Wanís dismemberments havenít been fatal. In AOTC when Anakin slaughters the sandpeople, I don't think this action totally discounts the theory because Anakin misused his weapon.

    Red is self-explanatory, representitive of anger, aggressiveness, evil, yadda, yadda...

    Whether this is GL's intention or not remains to be seen...

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    Hmmm, interesting theory. I don't think GL put that much thought into it or Sam Jackson wouldn't have convinced him to give him a purple saber so easily. But it is a very intriguing observation.
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    Personally I think the lightsaber blades are the color of the Jedi's choice. If Anakin like blue then ok. If Darth Vader likes red to match his cape alright. If Mace Windu wants a purple blade then fine. I think thats how it goes. I don't think the color of the blade says how good of a Jedi you are. That sounds absurd.
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    We know in both trilogys that jedi lose there lightsabers left and right. Couldnt some of the jedi lost or damaged there lightsabers during the 10 years since Episode 1.

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    well I don't know about that whole padawan-blue and master-green. Cause Plo Koon E2 toy has a blue, but the package of the POTJ figure says Jedi Master. Hmmm....oh well.


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