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    New Accessory Sets!

    I feel a great disturbance in the Force.

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    It's about time. I am impressed. From the package they look like the same old figures, but I'm sure they are a little differet. I like them a lot. Can't wait to pick a few of these up. Hope they mass produce them, sicne they are troop builders. I think it's cool how they come with spare Strormie helmets. I think this is a A+ for Hasbro!
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    Saga Accesory Sets

    I just looked at the picutes they posted of the upcoming accessory sets. All I can say is "Yippie!" I can't wait to get them. Yes, the figures are just re-released POTF2 figures, but I can live with that.

    We finally get the Ewok's Imperial helmet xylophone.

    What do you think?
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    The xylophone is probably the best part. I can't tell if the Death Star Trooper is retooled or not. The Hoth soldier is a big disappointment. The accessories in general are not as cool as I was hoping, but at least we get extra Stormtrooper blasters.
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    Accessory Sets...

    I'll probably get all of them except for the Hoth one. I'm happy that those who were asking are finally getting their Endor "helmet drum set". I', only getting the Death Star one because I want the trooper. The accessories for that one are for crap (other than the Stormie belt and blasters). I think the most useful one, to me, is the Arena one. Handcuffs... yes!
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    i'll get them all. they look cool, espically the droid set! it comes w/ a frikin' lightsaber! i'll buy 5 of them and give the sabers to some of the old guys i have.
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    Hey JP!!
    I'll get what I like.If I manage to get lucky and even find them.The closest Target to me is about 75 miles away.I can't seem to find any close up pics of these.The data base says no photo available
    Bye to all.thanks for some good times.

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    Try TF.N They have the pics as well.
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    These things are cool. I'll get all four since they include a figure with them. That suck's that they are a Target Excusive-It will just make them harder to find for those collectors who don't have a Target around.

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    I think they are SWEET! For army builders like myself these will be welcome additions to our collections.
    I probably get:
    10-15 Arena Battle droids
    20 Death Star Troopers
    4 biker scouts
    2 Hoth soldiers.

    (I must be crazy, that's $360 not including tax, sheesh!)

    Yeah, I'm crazy but I'll still probably get them in those quantities eventually.
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