Ok, I will be as thorough as possible(keep in mind, I am not a micro machine enthusiast..so I may not be able to answer any REALLY specific questions.

Hoth Playset
Death Star Playset
Tie Fighter(roughly 7 inches from wing to wing)
Damaged Snowspeeder(same scale as above)
A weird Tie Vehicle..might be Vader's Tie?(same scale as above)
At-At(maybe 1 inch by 1 inch)
Taun Taun w/rider(same as above)
Snowspeeder(same as above)
Wampa(" ")
X-Wing(" ")
Probot(" ")

The rest are mini figures, which include:
9 Hoth Rebels
10 Stormtroopers
10 Imperial Officers
1 Chewbacca
2 Tie Pilots
2 Death Star Gunner
1 ANH Luke
1 C3PO
1 ANH Han
1 ANH Ben Kenobi
1 21B Medic Droid
1 Chick w/a gun(maybe Leia?)
1 Emporer
3 Darth Vaders
1 R2D2
1 Grand Moff Tarkin
1 Rebel Pilot
1 Emporer's Royal Guard
1 Yoda
1 Princess Leia Hoth

On the figures of which there are multiples, in micro machine fashion the majority are different poses

I am looking for:

POTJ Clean Scout Trooper MOC
POTJ Red Security Droid MOC

POTF2 FF(moc) Ackbar, Death Star Trooper, Fett, AT-st, Death Star Droid, Ewoks, 8d8, weequay, sandtrooper, tie pilot, snowtrooper, piett, grand moff tarkin

POTF2 CS Death Star Escape, Final Duel, Rebel Pilots

I still need a ton of the regular GC POTF2 pieces(I need too many to list).

I am also interested in some 12" stuff(no ep1).

I am super reasonable, so email me with any offer. Also, I would like to trade all off as one set. Thanks!!!