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    Question Shmi and Sabe figures

    I was on when i came across this and this has anyone heard of these two being made before this post??

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    They appear to be pages for the POTJ figures, which they have incorrectly labeled as being Episode 1. They're probably out of stock just because they are in older waves released last summer.
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    They're just the Power of the Jedi figures. All of the Star Wars figures are mixed on

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    I think these figures were originally going to be in TPM package, but then the line ended and moved on. Just like Dejark (sp?) Champ Chewy was going to be in the Comm Tech chip line. Hasbro just changed thier minds, and put them in another set.
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    Btw, how big is that Shmi compared to other figs? She looks small.

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    she is a bit small, and has a weird pale translucent skin color.
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    yeah the figure is prety small
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