Okay, we've got one new Endor trooper coming out, and the variant will ship in a while. And we've also got the Accessory sets coming out with the Endor stuff. There is even a rumored 4 Pack of Endor Soldiers coming out. But I think we still need some more.
There were a ton of different looking Endor soldiers. As I recall, there was an old guy running and the uniforms on the other guys were different.
We also could use a new speeder bike, as people are not happy with the current one. And to go along with this (even though it should probably be listed in the resculpt thread) how about a new Biker Scout, on a regular card, that could fit on the new speeder bike?
A new AT-ST would be nice: more to scale and put on that rocket/grenade launcher that people keep asking for.
If I can think of anything else, I'll be sure to post it.

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