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    My Design for a Deluxe Hoth Luke

    I don't know if we'll ever get a new Hoth Luke, but if we do, I hope it's something like this.

    The figure would come with an ice cave base and ceiling, so you could re-enact the Wampa cave scene. Of course, Luke has a magnet in his right hand so he can Force-attract his metal lightsaber hilt. My design also has ball-jointed hips so he can ride the Tauntaun if you have it. The hips are hidden by a cloth shirt bottom. The functional holster is molded seperately and goes over the cloth and attaches to the leg and belt.

    There might be too much articulation in the arms, so maybe the bicep-cuts should be deleted. Anyhoo, has anyone else envisioned what a new Saga-styled Hoth Luke would look like?
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    Cool design.

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    Very impressive! Let's hope Hasbro sees your design and runs with it instead of scrapping it in fear of you suing them over it. I think for a deluxe, you can't have enough articulation on this bad boy, and this is the perfect use of GOOD magnets!
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    cool design
    but a ROTJ jedi luke with that articulation would be even cooler
    you're really talented in drawing man

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    I think we should all start putting things like this up on the boards. It would be cool to see what kind of talent and imagination is out there!

    Nice design! :happy:
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    That's pretty cool.
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    Nice design. I can't imagine that Hasbro would produce anything this cool, but we can hope.

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    Really great idea!!! Hoth and Bespin are my favorite Luke outfits. Can you tell I'm an Empire fan.

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    Excellent idea! Hasbro should hire you.

    Got any other designs?
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    That sounds cool! I think it would be good too if that came with a lightsaber with a removable blade or just the hilt- there could be a small indention in the floor where the hilt rests- maybe also some sort of button on the ceiling that frees Luke so he can come crashing to the floor. I love the Wampa scene.
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