For those of you not familiar with V-crotch articulation, it's the type of crotch piece where it's shaped like a V and the legs splay outwards when you move them forward or back. This style of articulation is most noticable on Playmates' Star Trek figures and the POTJ Aurra Sing figure.

However, what I'm begging Hasbro to stop using is the shoulder version of this articulation - I hate it! Whenever I move Anakin Hangar Duel's arms up, they don't just go out in front of him, they also move outwards, the more you raise the arms, the further out they go. This renders the figure somewhat useless for the Anakin speeder since his arms absolutely cannot be in front of him at the same time.

Please stop doing this, it may work aesthetically, but IMO it doesn't work for the toy itself.