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    Talking in ROTJ some funny stuff hapens!

    i was watching it last night and, in the scene where they are at the sarlac pit, one guy falls off, and his head rolls off too! thats funny! watch it and you'll see.
    Sampsonite! i was way off!

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    I think that was his helmet.
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    I've not noticed that before, I'll watch out for it next time I watch it. Maybe his head gets cut off my Luke's l-saber or something?

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    While you're watching that scene, check out the shot of the skiff being rocked by the laser blast. The Han stunt double heads overboard but grabs the railing with his hand. But they cut to a shot of Harrison falling head first. Weird.

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    thats funny! i watched it again and i saw that! funny stuff caesar!
    Sampsonite! i was way off!

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    Rogue II is right.

    It's the stunt man's helmet. He's got bushy blonde hair...probably a surfer....*Dude! Like there's all this sand here and no waves! Bogus!*
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    The scene where R2 zaps Wickett is an all time fav. Plus Chewie and those Ewoks swinging on that vine and throwing off that pilot was great. Plus when they are driving it and they blow up the other ATST and that little black haired Ewok is just chuckling his hiney off.
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    I love the scene of R2 shocking an ewok, it's great.
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    And the both times we see that Han loves Leia so much, he can't keep his hands off.
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    And the both times we see that Han loves Leia so much, he can't keep his hands off.
    After seeing her in that slave girl outfit.. can ya blame him?


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