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    Exclamation The Blair Endor Project 2: Book of Longray

    As you might or might not recall, way back when i noticed the Complete Galaxt Ewok's Glider looked very much like the symbol for the Blair Witch Project, well for old times sake, i will continue this story of the Blair Endor Project, although, the other one wasn't too popular... But here is a starting piece...

    It had been a couple of years since the (Rebel or Imperial) Explorers had gone into the forests of the Moon Endor, now there are tours, but many are still trying to figure out the mystery of the Endor Witch. okay, thats enough to start on, you guys make up characters, and such, and keep it alive!
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    The first indications that something was amiss, was after the disappearance of Abigale Whitney. A holo-journalists with an interest in uncharted life forms. She took an immediate interest in the Ewok culture, and was known to take many long unannounced hikes deep into the forest. However, one night she never returned from one of those treks. The other members of the expeditionary team searched for her night and day, but only uncovered some torn pages of her journal.

    "The toxicity level of the local fauna lays to rest the theory of this area being....."

    "Unseen by the native hunting party I was able to get a sampling of some of their......"

    These were the only legible entries on the muddied pages. On the third day of the search, though, an amazing discovery was made by the shore of a major lake. Eustice Jenkins, a cartographer, found several......

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    Post, piled in the form of a circle, he also found a gray bag lying next to the rocks, when he opened the bag.....
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    he could swear that he felt a cold hand move up his spine. He looked around and shivered. It was at this point that he noticed something strange about the lake. It was churning even though no wind blew, as if something massive was wriggling about underneath. Eustice was clearly spooked now as he tossed the little bag into his pack and ran back to camp. As he ran he heard the cacophony of trees bending and limbs breaking as something large chased after him. However, when he dared to look behind him he saw nothing but undamaged trees blowing softly in the breeze. Upon arrival at the camp, he collapsed in exhaustion and it was several minutes before any other members of the expedition could get any information out of him. As he recalled the events he remembered the little bag. Digging into his pack he.....
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    This is just begging to get closed down by JT...

    ...found a Snickers bar. "Snickers Satisfy" he thought to himself...

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    If you keep it based around POTF2 figures, as I understand it, SirSteve says I can leave it since part of action figures is creative play and this could loosely be interpretted that way. It's not the same for trading cards though.
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    He ate his chocolate and took a deep breath before he reached into his pack again. He grabbed the bag and opened it. It was a hand!!! an Ewok further study, with the new republic technology, he analized a blood sample of the hand, and found that the ewok that lost his hand had been intoxicated...he remembered Abigale's journey...
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    ...deep into the northern forest. She had been particularly intrigued after the Ewoks had told stories that the northern forest was haunted by some strange creature. None of the Ewoks had ever actually seen the creature, but it's legend had been kept alive for generations every time a warrior or a wokling mysteriously dissappeared. This was enough to make Abigale put together a small scanning pack and head into the northern woods in search of the fantastic creature, so magnificently described in the Ewok stories...

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    Blair Endor Project 2: The Book of Longray

    They wandered into the forest, hopefully going the way the map told them, then, they came to a clearing, they sat down and were thinking where a large creature could live on that Forest Moon, They got up, still confused, and went towards the other part of the forest, suddenly they stopped in horror, on almost every tree, was a Teddy Bear, hanging!...
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    Eustice kept on reading Abigale's diary...the following page was ripped off!!

    Now he had this hand and he had the fact of the teddy bears hanging from the trees, whats the conextion? he thinked...
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