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    Medieval Spawn Wanted

    I accidentally broke this toy and would very much like to purchase/trade for another. It is (I believe) the second Medieval Spawn From McFarlane Toys. It is the knight Spawn standing on a large base with bones everywhere. Please send me a private message or an email, maybe we can work something out.

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    Hey Brent Fett I have a loose 6" midevil spawn, a 14" boxed midevil spawn, and also a k-mart exclusive boxed midevil spawn vs malebolgia. I would be more than happy to part with them i have lost interest in spawn. I have a pretty large spawn collection if you are looking for some others
    Good Traders= Lord Tenebrous, Brentfett, jonboy, cohens4, rynobot, btuck15,sith_killer_99,bobaphil,johnyhero,bount3hntr,evil j


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