In no particular order...

1) Ellors Madak

He's a cool alien from the cantina featuring a great sculpt & excellent detailing...

2) Jek Porkins

I know this figure is probably still warming the pegs in some places, but I just love the idea that a hero character doesn't have to be a slim-jim...he can be a regular joe (er, Jek..)

3) Darth Vader "Dagobah"

For playability & all-out coolness, this version of Vader takes it's rightful place next to the POT2 classic RH Vader. Great job!

4) Tessek

This character was always one of my favorites from Jabba's palace and I always liked the vintage one. This new version is a great sculpt featuring an outstanding job on the cape. My only niggle...I wish the head were a little bigger.

5) Battle Droid "Red Security"

I thought the battle droids were really cool to watch in EpOne, but the initial figures of these automatons were too stiff and boring. The POTJ version features a more "battle-ready" stance that looks really great.

6) Shmi Skywalker

I'm so glad this figure got made. A nice version on this touchstone of the SW saga....she'll look good with Ani on display.

7) R2Q5 "Imperial Astromech Droid"

It's an R2's black. It's got a great accessory. "Nuff said.

8) Boba Fett "300th Edition"

What he lacks in artiulation, he makes up for in great detailing and a good action ready stance. Nicely done.

9) Chewbacca "Mechanic"

It's cool to have the wookiee truly towering over the other characters.

10) Han Solo "Bespin Capture"

This is my favorite guise for the scruffy looking nerf herder. It's such a good far cry from the splayed-shoulder messes in the POTF2 collection. Also features a good head sculpt.

Thes lists are fun....and very organic. Soon we'll have new characters with even better sculpts to challenge the great entries on our lists!