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    General Mills cereal lightsaber pens to trade

    I have the lightsaber pens for Anakin Skywalker, Count Dooku, Luke Skywalker, and Mace Windu... I'll trade any one of them for the Darth Vader lightsaber pen.

    Email me at if you are interested in a trade.

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    I bought three boxes (Publix buy one get one free) and came up with 1 Vader, 2 Dookus, and 1 Mace saber.
    Buy Honey nut cheerios because the sabers are NOT in the cereal, they are on top of the bag in a seperate package!
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    I have all the pens except for Luke's.
    Kissmuppet, will you be willing to trade yours for anything else besides the Vader one? I do not have extras of any of the saber/pens except for Dooku's but I see you already have that one. Please LMK,

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    I have a Luke Saber and will trade it for a Vader, Aniken, or Obi Wan.
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