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    Angry What the h#!! is up with Amazon

    I'm not a big Amazon shopper since I manage to find most stuff at the local retail stores, but I like to look them up every few days to see if they have anything new.

    Anyway, I noticed that their basic figs are back up to $8.99!! What's going on? They went from $5.99 to $8.99 back to $5.99 and now back to $8.99.

    No wonder I don't shop here more often. Anyone have any info?
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    Yeah...don't buy from them, they are a rip-off and to top that off, KB Toys (usually thought of as the "ripoff" store) is selling them for 5.99 like everyone else (except Wal-Mart that is)
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    I don't want to defend Amazon, because I think $8.99 is just a little high a price, but everyone knows (or should know) that Hasbro actually increased the wholesale price on the AOTC figures.

    When Walmart started selling for $5.88, I asked my sales rep how they can afford a selling price decrease if in fact they also are paying the same increased price as the small retailer. The standard reply was - Hasbro does not suggest a retail price. Everyone can sell for whatever they want. And Walmart pays exactly the same price as everyone else.

    My thoughts is because Walmart took a beating on the EP1 line, and because of the volumn they buy, Hasbro "cut" them a deal. At least on the first few waves of EP2. We may know for sure in a month or so if Walmart has a sudden increase in price.

    But back to Amazon - they do have to pay the increased wholesale price and if they are having the same bad luck as we are, the figures are arriving damaged. You can absorb only so much before you are forced to pass the cost along to your customers. Reducing the price to $5.99 is an attemp to compete with the big boys and this is impossible. If they wanted, Walmart could sell the figures for $1.00 just to kill off everyone else.

    We have found it best to pick a price that affords you a modest profit, stick to this price. Don't go up and down. Don't try to find the rare figure and price it high, just sell the figures. In the long term, everyone wins. Your customers are happy and you keep them.

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    Originally posted by KEBco

    My thoughts is because Walmart took a beating on the EP1 line, and because of the volumn they buy, Hasbro "cut" them a deal. At least on the first few waves of EP2. We may know for sure in a month or so if Walmart has a sudden increase in price.

    The E1 beating is probably on Wal-Mart's mind. If they sell at $5.88 and make little rpofit, it's still better than clearing them out at the end of the summer. Plus the lowest price encourages you to shop there first before the others. Wal-Mart is so huge that they can afford to cut prices like that to get an edge on the competition.

    Most on-line places have a much higher overhead and much lower traffic so they can't compete with Wal-Mart. When they try, it usually ends poorly.

    Also, since Wal-Mart has the lowest price and you go there to shop to get that lower price (or at least look for figures), Wal-Mart can afford to make a very small profit on Star Wars figures because they hope they make it back on the other stuff you buy at Wal-Mart... the TP, underwear, coffee pots, etc. Most people don't just buy the toys and then leave like us crazies

    The and kebcotoys of the on-line world don't have the luxury of customers picking up a coke and beef jerky along with the figures, so they have no other place to pick up extra purchase and therefore have to keep the prices a little higher.


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    I have been checking the Amazon site each and every day, trying to find an AOTC Yoda, which I am still looking for. I have noticed that whenever Amazon gets a new shipment of figures in, they raise their prices from $5.99 to 8.99. I was a little late buying my figs, and when I first went to Amazon, the figs were all $5.99, but their selection was not too great. Then, as soon as they get more Dooku's, Anakin HD's, and Jango's, they raised their prices to $8.99. Then, after a while they drop back to $5.99, probably to try to get rid of peg warmers like Amidala, and C-3P0. I think that's pretty uncool, IMHO. By the way, does ANYONE know where I can find a Yoda for $5.99??? They are FLYING off the shelves everywhere I go!!
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