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    Saw all the E2 Legos at Wal-Mart Sunday evening.

    K-Mart had 2 cases of the Jedi Starfighter for $22.99.

    Teebo wave at Wal-Mart Friday and Saturday.

    Good luck all !!!

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    Last Night I found all of the sneak preview figures at my local TRU (near fox valley mall) They had a bunch of Zam and R3-T7 still there. A couple of clone troopers were left, but I picked up the one last Jango that was there (sorry!). They also had 1 At-St--which I hadn't found before, but didn't have the $ for.

    I still haven't found the teebo wave . . .

    Anyway, Good luck!

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    Teebo wave at the Target on Meecham road if anyone wants to make the trek. TRU on Golf near Woodfield mall of I-90 still has a few AT-STs left as of Thursday night. No sign of Snowspeeder or Bomber yet though.
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    Chicago Toy Run

    NOTHING is showing up in the NW Burbs...The only places I have found anything regularly is Toys R Us in Bloomingdale. The Golf road TRU is a WASTELAND...five Jar Jars and ten Ketwols, and they REFUSE to stock anything else apparently. A few AT-STs, but tht's all. Bloomingdale TRU has regularly gotten in Previews,and the KB at Woodfield had the Prieviews and Jedi Star Fighter. If anyon sees the Wal-Mart exclusives, POST IT!!!!! LOL I eed them andI have a store credit at Walmart KB at Woodfield also had the Lego Technic Super battledroid, tsk tsk tsk and the Bloomingdale Wal-Mart had the Speeder chase. Now if only they would have stocked the figures...
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    Hey Indiana, thanks for the info, but what Wal Mart did you find Teebo? I have been all over the place and came up with nothing. Can you let me know what town the WM that you found the Teebo wave was at.
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    TRU in Arlington Heights has Jedi Starfighters and a lot of clearance deluxe figs. TRU on Golf road told me tonight that they are getting nothing but AT-STs till the 23rd, and that NO FIGURES will be stocked till then...we'll see. They are the only TRU in he area that has yet to stock Preview figs. Don't waste your time unless you want an ATST, trust m...STILL 10 jar Jars and 5 Ketwols, nd 25th Ann. Packs. I will updae with what I find tomorrow...hapy hunting!

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    I haven't checked that new KB in Woodfield much, I'll check that out as I'm still missing the Jedi Starfighter. No Speeder or Bomber yet, but I'm wondering if they're holding them until 4/23. If anyone sees older waves around, besides Ketwols and Jar Jars, send the word out. I'm looking to clean up with some older POTJ I missed.

    Thanks for the tips! Good luck to all.
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    My appologies to the Chicago group. I have been neglecting the forum I started.

    Teebo wave (long ago) in West Suburbs.

    GO TO K-MARTS !!!!!

    I'm finding Deluxe figs, Slave I, Jedi Starfighters, and Lightsabers.

    Good luck all !!!

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    Hey Wolfwood, email me a list of the stuff you need, I have tons of older POTJ stuff just sitting here...hope I can help yoou out. Email is I'm doing a run right now so I will talk to you all soon!

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    Just returned from a toy run all around Chicagoland...found next to NOTHING. At the Walmart on Toughy in Niles, I found the E2 Trading card game, Yoda Lego set, Bounty Hunter chase Legos and a really cool puzzle in a tin. Target on Toughy had TONS of figures etc. on clearance. Toys R Us in Niles had preview peg warmers and 25th sets, as did the TRU in Vernon Hills. If you need the Sae wave, Walmart on Townline in VH is the place to go. If anyone has any insight on just where the KMarts that aren't closing that seem to be getting the E2 stuff are, please post it so it could save us all some time!


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