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    Where did you get your R2D2 w/ holographic Leia?

    Some had to order over seas, some found gobs of them for $2.00 at a Toy R US! Tell your tale of your quest for this sought out fig.
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    E-bay, where else?!
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    1 on Ebay for around 15.00, a few months later scored 3 more from TRU for 1.97.

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    Yep I got mine on Ebay but the first one available was in Germany.
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    2 from Brian's Toys back in the day for an ungodly amount. I had to cave since no local retailer was stocking star wars around here anymore.

    Then I got 3 more from the local comic shop guy for about 9 bucks a pop.

    Had to bite the bullet since there wasn't a figure to be found.

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    I bought a sealed Hasbro case that had R2 and 2 CTC Stormies (and several Lukes, Hans, Greedos, and Vaders, but they're not interesting to the story ) from an online retailer (I can't remember the name all of a sudden) who was selling them for what they would have cost per figure at retail.

    A friend found me a miny-mint one for my small collection of mint carded figures at TRU in Las Vegas many months later for $2.
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    never found one and never ordered one, so that means I still don't have one
    but if I find him for a decent price I'll gladly buy him till then I'm not interested in paying much money for him, even if he is the best R2 to date

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    I bought mine from Jam's Toys for like $6-$7 (got 2 of them) along with a couple of Stormies.

    I traded one for a Canadian R2 with holo Leia for my foreign collection.

    BTW, NOONE I know of got gobs of these at TRU! A couple here and there, but he was still pretty underproduced!

    The he was a different story!
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    I got mine at Wal-Mart for regular price. I went to a Wal-Mart grand opening and they had two on the shelf. One for me, and one for a guy that was there beside me.
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    You know, I can't remember where I bought mine. I think it was at a baseball card show. I do know I didn't pay more than $8 for it.
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