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    Thanks icatch9, that makes sense. Good luck to them in that case and i hope we'll see some others elsewhere for a cheaper price...
    and I thought they smelled bad on the outside...

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    This is my first post and I thought I would just let people who that the Jorge Sacul figure is selling for £99.99 on, if that isnt ripping people off I dont know what is.

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    I got my Jorg Sacul from R2DToys when they had 5 left, I payed £50 with Starcase, If i hadn't got one i would have been wishing i had,but now it's on my display and im glad that i did....i have no intention of selling it, It would have been nice to have been signed by GL ( That would make my year ) Get one while you can as Hasbro have apparently destroyed the mould..Yes i know it was Wedges body..

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    According to they are going to be released in one of the UK retail shops, I have yet to see them say they will not be for sale… they said they had a limited quantity so I guess they will be going for a high price anyway.
    It’s better to stay silent and appear stupid than to open your mouth and remove all doubt…

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    Anyone that joined in the Hasbro UK live chat last night, will now know that Jorg Sacul IS coming to the UK.

    The Entertainer will be stocking him, however, no details have been given on how to get him.

    I would say that it could be a spend ££'s and get him free, or buy something in particular and get him free.

    Hope this offer soon hurries up, I still need that fig.
    TK6540 of the UK Garrison

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    I guess I was a bit harsh back then. Sorry for the outburst. *insert sheepish grin smiley* The entertainer deal sounds more like it. I still don't want one but at least it gives people a fighting chance of getting one without having to sell the family jewels to do so.... ouch!

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    The Hollywood Store in London's St Martin's Lane (opposite Stringfellow's) has marked-down the price of its one Sacul figure from £150 to a "mere " £79.95.
    The shape of things to come?
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    ooh dear

    Hasbro Jedi Uk has a new news item stating that neither Hasbro nor the Entertainer can comment or further confirm the Jorg offer.

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    I would assume that it has been decided the The Entertainer WILL be offering Jorg Sacul.

    However, no decision has been made as to how it will be sold or given away yet.

    Until that is decided, neither Hasbro or Entertainer will make any annoucement.
    TK6540 of the UK Garrison

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    Uncanny, they said that without moving their lips.....

    I see a similar deal to the TRU silver R2 being put in place to allow TE to shift some of the stock they've been building up. Spend so much and get a free Sacul. I don't think they can offer it as saleable product. Perhaps the deal fell through. Perhaps hasbro don't really have any left to let the Entertainer have. perhaps they sold them all to independent smal retailers through Diamond UK. Perhaps it's all on hold until next year. perhaps perhaps perhaps.....


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