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    Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps...

    Maybe the Hasblah GUy who does the webchat wasn't supposed to mention it for marketting reasons and has been smacked back for spilling state secrets, as such HAsbro have to retract the statement to save face!
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    Kinda like the kid who spills his parents imtimate secrets to all and sundry im the most public arena. "Mummy and Daddy ........ at night and they ........ with .......... too!" I have to admit he looked like he was that sort as a boy. Wasn't helped by the way he just looked so lonely, sat there all alone with a big R2 in an empty room. Like he'd been rollocked and was serving a punishment or something, little boy lost was he he looked to me. Oh well, I suppose one way or the other we'll find out soon enough. I still don't want one. If I happened to be buying from TE as I often do and they happened to shove one in the package I wouldn't say no. But it's not something I'm actively seeking. The only part I like is the helmet and gun. The figure is so-so and the head is awful. Whatever, it's still an intrigueing chapter in UK collecting.

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    I have to say that the thought of George Lucas in a boiler suit really doesn't do it for me either, but I need another pilot for my hanger diorama otherwise it starts looknig like the rebels are all cloned from luke and Biggs!
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    Buy one gibbs, then you can own something that you may wish you bought, goooooo on you can do it you never know you may just like it enough to put on display

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    I guess my worry is that I'm an opener and I don't want to pay over the odds to rip him off the card! However, if I 'just have to' buy a load of army builders to get him then I have no qualms!
    Look - I'm Princess Leia!

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    Well that is a good idea, get loads of stormtroopers & Rebel soldiers and out of your parcel will pop out a neat likkle Jorg Sacul LOL....Put in a starcase and put him on display,enjoy....


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