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    Jorg Sacul in the UK!!!! will have the figure in stock 7th June shipping on the 11th June, you can pre order it on the website. Its a bit steep though 59 plus P&P, and they will only have 92.

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    I thought this was a celebration II only item. Why are collectable toy stores like Brian's toys and R2Dtoys getting these items, as they were only for celebration II participants. (SP)

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    C2 Jorg Sacul was 2 per person. Those who did buy 2, are keeping 1 and selling 1, so obviously a few have escaped onto the secondary market. That's how Brian's Toys & R2dtoys have got some.

    I don't care. Mines on order
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    So what EJ ??? The figure was a US exclusive, only a few thousand made, and currently selling on Ebay etc for over $/100.

    I must admit 60 is a bit steep, but I am a collector, and as you know collectors buy what they like, and what they like, and also pay what they want.

    Just because some people only buy a few figures, I like to get all the figures that are released, whether they a crud or not. I don't care. That is all part of collecting.

    I agree that Hasbro do stitch us up on distribution, especially when things are US only. They should consider the UK and other countries but what do you expect Hasbro is a US company, so their main priority is with them.

    And so what that I am from the south, not my choice that I live in a wealthier area of the country, earning 30k.
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    What a bunch of scalpers!

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    Originally posted by EMPEROR JARGO
    Sad stupid mugs for paying that much for a crap figure.
    Wow thats harsh Emperor

    My biggest gripe about paying that ammount of money is because its really just for a head..

    That you can't see anyway..

    Unless you take him off the card..

    Anyone gonna pay 60 and take him off the card?

    I probably would

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    Hasbro say it's to be given away not sold. How R2DTOYS got hold of so many is questionable to say the least. Probably direct from factory.
    Don't pay for one, wait until a major store has them to give away as the private universe has reported. Anyways, these things will be up for grabs soon FOR FREE so don't pay.

    I have no interest in this whatsoever. I think the head sculpt is bad and the re-use of a potf2 body is laughable arse licking from the hasbro star wars division. Using Porkins body would have been more accurate.
    And if I did get one I'd open it. I open absolutely every last item I get hold of. No exeptions.

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    I have now seen the light and cancelled my order from R2dtoys. I am not now going to pay 60 if they are going free.

    It would be nice to know which store will get them in, and what you have to do or buy to get a free Jorg Sacul. Possibly free with every 50 purchase, or something like that.

    Come to think of it, it would be a great way of using up some of those Jedi Master points that everyone has stored up, and has no use for.

    I don't care how bad it looks, I still gotta get one. I have every figure since 1978, so I'm not going to miss one now.
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    Sadly, if you don't buy it, someone else will so I hope what Jargo said about possible price hike's doesn't happen. Anyway, if Hasbro said Sacul is not to be sold by retailers, how are they getting away with it? Surely, they are breaking some kind of retail law?
    and I thought they smelled bad on the outside...

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    They aren't retail. They are a collectable store. So they just got there hand on some that they bought from people who where there. They were probally there too, so they are just selling thier extra ones. R2dtoys isn't like a major chain or anything, so they arn't breaking any laws. I mean they sell other stuff that is older and only avalable on the secondary market, right? So, this Jorg is the same thing. Price is a bit high though, if you in the market I'd shop around.
    If you want to find it you have to shop.


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