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    N-2PF, that image didn't work for me, it's got the error image in its place. However, I'm familiar with Bellville and Scala and I suggested that to Lego a few years ago and they told me they're not allowed to, the license with LFL prohibits them because they're not technically "building toys", those would be "action figures" which Hasbro already has an exclusive license for.

    I'd like to see Technic-Guy figures and sets from SW, but apparently those figures are ALSO not building toys. Phooey!
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    I'd LOVE to see an At-At...taht would just be beyond cool. AS for the other ones, a cantina would be good, as well as jabba's palace. Pehaps something like the Yavin temple from ANH, or mabye a Cloud City set (with the freezing chamber? ;O)
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    If Yoda is capable of kicking someone's @$$, imagine what a muppet could do!

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    I would like to see a USC Twin Pod Cloud Car (seems like we aint gonna get the 3 3/4 scale one). I would even like to see a USC Speeded bike -- that would be COOL !!
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    I like the idea of playsets alot. Jabba's Palace, Hoth Hanger, Dagobah, Endor, Carbon Freexing Chamber, Geonesan Arena. Lots of figures a must.

    Vehicles that would be nice: AT-AT, AT-AT, AT-AT....

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    I would like to see a UCS Luke Landspeeder. Would be what, $100 for a nice-sized set? Heck, just a medium sized set around the size of the UCS Naboo Fighter would be sufficient.
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