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  • Out of the main hold, it's the Naboo fighter!!!

    112 76.19%
  • Sebulba drills it to the competion!!!

    35 23.81%
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    While Sebulba's pod is cool, I like the Naboo starfighter better. It's one of the few newer vehicles to have electronics. The coloring works beautifully. And like JediTricks said its not just Anakin's ship. My one problem is the paint on the canopy chips easily.
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    I voted for Sebulba's podracer because I love podracers. I have neither toy but the Naboo fighter is just to plain looking.

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    I voted the N-1 all the way...I totally agree with JediTricks in that the podracer may be cool, but the stickers were terrible to apply. Maybe it's just that I don't like stickers I don't really know.
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    don't have the N1, but i do have sebulbas, i like it, but the N1 seems better. sorry.
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    The Naboo fighter is one of my all time SW vehicle favorites. I don't have the finances to buy all the vehicles, but I love the sleek-looking N1.

    Podracers are just not that cool. In fact, I didn't care much for that whole sequence in the movie.

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    Hard choice! I judged this one based on how they look hanging from my ceiling. The dogfight I have going on between the two Naboo fighters and a squad of droid fighters looks cooler than Sebulba getting ready to run down Anakin's pod.

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    Alright, after much deliberating I came up and voted for the Naboo Fighter. Both ships have a lot going for them, but it is really apples and oranges in trying to compare them. Eventually, I settled in and thought about my son and how he played with the two ships. While he enjoyed "pod racing," he had a more difficult time trying to hold and maneuver Sebulba's pod than he did flying the Naboo around. In the end, the Naboo wins for pure practicality in a real play environment.

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    N1 all the way this toy is totally to scale and looks beautiful and the sound effects are excellent

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    N-1 all the way!

    Overall, I feel the N-1 is a better loking ship, and it's fun to play w/. I've never opened my Pod Racer b/c I wasn't as interested in it. I got it for completion.

    Now, if this were a vote for the Action Fleet versions, my vote would go the other way... The N-1 AF is too stubby.
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    Evizan, good point about the Action Fleet versions!
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