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  • Out of the main hold, it's the Naboo fighter!!!

    112 76.19%
  • Sebulba drills it to the competion!!!

    35 23.81%
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    I went with the Naboo Fighter. I have that one, but I don't have Sebulba's pod, so I can't make a direct comparison, but the fighter just looks better. It looks slightly more accurate than the pod and it looks a little more sturdy too.

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    No contest whatsoever.

    The N1 has the cool electronic sounds (all of these store exclusives need to have some, IMO), the launching torpedo, and an overall sleek look.

    The podracers are really clunky, awkward to hold, and don't have the playability that the spaceships and speeders have.

    Verdict: The N1 laps the podracer before cruising to victory!
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