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  • Out of the main hold, it's the Naboo fighter!!!

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    SSG BATTLE OF THE MACHINES Quarterfinals - Fight 2!!!

    By now it's tradition: Friday Night is FIGHT NIGHT in The SSG Battle of the Machines!

    We're into the Quarterfinals now as 16 vehicles that YOU chose duke it out to see which is the best Hasbro Star Wars vehicle of all time!

    In tonight's exciting contest it's almost another rematch of The Cheater versus The Challenger with a little twist on the Boonta Classic!

    Anakin and Sebulba are at it again, only this time Ani's brought in a little extra fire power to even the odds.

    He's up against Sebulba's Pod Racer, with which the devious little Dug used to defeat him before, 44-28 in a straight-up Pod Race which Sebulba won with 61% of the vote. In other words, though there was a low voter turn-out on that round, Anakin got smeared all over the Canyon Dunes Turn! A champion toy in its own right, Sebulba's racer features authenticly styled engines, an exclusive Sebulba racer figure, and a special surprise: a pop-open secret pannel that conceals a spinning blade that can cut its way through any competition!

    But Anakin will be more competition that Sebulba ever estimated in his sleek N1 starfighter. The N1 comes in bright yellow with exciting lights and sounds. The ship makes a very awesome fly-bye audible, as well as breaks the silence of the later additions to the collection, with some rapidly firing green laser cannons! In case that's not enough to defend the Queen, a proton torpedo fires hard and launches rapidly away from the ship to destroy Naboo's invading enemies! The cockpit holds on pilot action figure, and also has a place to connect the Pilot Anakin Skywalker's flight control panel accessory, that gives figures a throttle and firing stick they can actually hold to command the craft. Finally, when the tail flare is added to the craft (for its basic assembly) the ship is longer than any other Star Wars fightercraft, with nice flowing lines and a cool, vintage craftsman look. In the Preliminary Rounds the N1 defeated the Trade Federation Droid Fighters 59 - 10 for a victory with 85% of the vote.

    Which one of these great Star Wars vehicles do you like the most?

    Vote now and send one of them on their way to the Semi-Finals!

    Then please post and tell us how you voted.

    Anakin, Sebulba? Are you ready?

    "You won't walk-away from this one slave-scum!"

    "That creep's going to get deep-fried!"

    On your mark! Get Set! Go!
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