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    Nute Gunray's Death

    I was just thinking of Nute Gunray and Episode 3, if he appear's again (hopefully) I think it would be a good idea that Sideous/Palpatine should maybe choke him to death and say "You have failed me for the last Viceroy" but it could also be Dooku or Vader.

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    It'd be nice to have him in III. He should die a goofy Fett-like death. (Trips and falls into an industrial paper shredder or something...)
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    I'd say Nute is definitely gonna show up in EIII, but he'll have a more ironic end than just falling off and dying. I'd say he'll be taken out by droids or perhaps Amidala herself.

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    He'll be back for sure. But he's escaped twice now, and he won't be so lucky next time I think.
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    I wonder if we might see Nute switching sides in EIII. He's now been screwed over twice by the Sith. I would think his want to get revenge on Amidala may be secondary to actually wanting revenge against Sidious and Dooku now. Maybe he will actually wind up being one of the founding members of the rebellion. One can never tell, guess we will have to wait and see how EIII plays out. Lucas definatly has plans for him, because he wasn't roasted and toasted by Jango's flamethrower like was originally supposed to happen.

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    I hope Rune returns as well, he should've been in Ep II.

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    Hmm. JarJar's roasted and toasted quote made me think of coffe beans.

    Bugs with shells look like beans.

    Niemoidians have a lot of insect like descriptions about them. Like Pupae and larvae, etc.

    I just want to see Nute get so scared he strips out of his fancy robes and goofy hat and starts cocooning himself. Then some big creature comes along and eats him like a jellybean!

    Oh man! He'd be talking while he's gobbled up!

    "OH-NOAH. PWeeze DOhN EAT ME! DiS Is NOd HOWz ITs SPOAHZED to Endah!"

    I'd die laughing! But I have no idea if or how Nute's story ends. I imagine a more boring alternative is that he's captured and Palpatine throws him in jail for good. That's actually modestly funny too!
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    I'm thinking he will finally get what he wants in E3 with Palpatine as Emperor.
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    Naboo? or Padme? or Both?

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    Both I think he will believe he finally got Padme, and he will get whatever concessions he wants regarding his trade franchise.
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