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    2nd Deluxe Anakin Skywalker & Deluxe Yoda.

    The Cargo Bay at the official site list a Force Flipping Action Anakin Skywalker and they list Yoda with Force Powers

    It's the first time I've heard of the Anakin.
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    Hope that's not true, Deluxe Anakin 2 would be much better with a swoop methinks. Heck, they should've made the first Deluxe Anakin with a swoop then the other with the flipping action since Dlx Ani 1 is a weaker HD Ani with fall-apart Geonosian. Maybe we should call the second Deluxe Anakin the first and call the other one Deluxe Geonosian.
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    Isn't the Cargo Bay usually wrong with these toys? I had heard that they put up Holo Nute Gunray and Lott Dodd, which seemingly confirmed their production, and Hasbro said it was just an error. Didn't that happen? Or something like it?

    So, it's possible that that's what's happening here. They might have got a little over zealous and popped that one in there.

    End .
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    Everything has been corrected since then it looks like.

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    yes, i'm looking forward to the deluxe yoda, whatever it might be.
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    1st delux anikan makes no sense since he dosn't fight geonsian warriors with 2 sabers only dooku.
    But YODA will be awsome.
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    Yeah I see what you mean...


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