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    luke stormtrooper's helmet

    I recently won this guy on an auction and I'm afraid the helmet is a replica. Unlike Boushh, Lando in Skiff, all of the Ewoks, Rancor Keeper, and the other vintage figures who had soft plastic removable headgear, my stormtrooper Luke has a hard plastic helmet. The helmet seems thin compared to the old stormtrooper design, as well. Does anyone know how I can verify if this is a true helmet or a replica? I've checked the picture archives here and I can't get a good look at the helmet itself.

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    My Luke Stormtrooper also had a hard-plastic helmet, which actually looked pretty crappy. I think Kenner was just trying out new materials when they made that figure.
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    Does the helmet have a bit of a shine to it? It should if it's real. It should be a little shinny, not like a new car or anything, but a bit. Replica plastic doesn't have a shine to it. It is supposed to be hard like bigbarada said. Sorry, I could tell you if I could see it or touch it, but it's hard to tell for sure with just a discription.

    Hope this helped.
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    Just compare it to the helmets that came with the Luke & Han stormtrooper disguise figs. (Carded luke, Froot loop Han, & DS escape CS) It is definitely different from them. If it is a "repro", it is likely from one of those figs. That would be much easier than remolding and painting a vintage one.


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