They could slightly remold the vintage so it can connect to other pieces. The vintage could be used as Yoda's hut, with the correct re-shaping of it, and a cut-away section you could remove for interior examination.

Then it could connect to an obstacle course, training ground, with stuff to levitate, vines to swing from, etc.

A swamp piece could have a small bog section to gobble R2D2, and a larger piece that you could sink the X-wing in, and then raise it "with the Force." I'd go with 2 levels: level 1 almost envelops the X-wing (I'm thinking the large F/X, but it would be easier to do this for the smaller one), you raise up the under-floor and it pushes up the X-wing to be as it was when Luke first crashed - kind of afloat. Level 2 then raises the X-wing again, on clear stilts (that you pretend you don't see) to make it look like the ship is actually levitating out of the bog.

Either the training section, or a 4th one would come with the tree cave.

There you go - Dagobah in 3-4 parts, one of which might be as large as the box the older X-wing comes in though. For that one, maybe you even include the older X-wing, at a higher price point do to the solid plastic set???

Perhaps we have to wait and see what scenes on Dagobah might happen in Episode 3, but if you can add-on to these 4 sets, then why bother waiting?