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    Question Who do you want to be made most??!

    If you could choose 3 figures to be made in the next Hasbro POTJ line, who would they be?? These would be my choices:

    #1. Hologram Luke (From RotJ)
    #2. Mos Espa Civilian
    #3. New IMPROVED Snowtrooper

    So, what would your choices be??

    **Plus, how do you guys get pictures below your name on your posts? (Im new here, this is my 2nd post)
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    My favourites to be made are General Madine and General Dodanna. I like the idea of the hologram Luke also, I had never thought of that...
    What about everyone else?
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    Klatu, Imperial Dignitary and General Madine.

    As for your other question, go to "user cp" its almost in the top of your screen. Click there and go to edit options. You can choose your picture there. They are called avatars. For more information go to the "how do i?" section.

    PS: Welcome aboard!!
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    I want to be made an Adonis, but it'll never happen until I hit the stairmaster.
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    Lesse, choosing only 3 is a toughie...

    1. Imperial Dignitary
    2. General Madine
    3. Hermi Odle

    I have about 30 or so on my want list, these are among the top three classic trilogy figures.

    MTFBWY and HH!!

    Jar Jar Binks II

    AGENTS OF ATLAS - Returns in Early 2009.

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    How can you possibly narrow it down to three???

    I want all the vintage figures not rereleased yet.

    I want a Hem Dazon.

    I want an Ewok with a Stormtrooper Helmet Xylophone.

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    3 only

    Bubo, Wanted him forever

    Senator Orn Free Taa, must have

    New Boba Fett sculpt
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    C'mon have a bigger imagination, why stop at 3?

    Hoth Rebel Trooper

    Any Ewok!!!

    New Jabba
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    Imperial Dignitary
    That little dude in ROTJ special edition that looks like a frog..dinosaur..that plays the "air harmonica" thingy. *groan* I really should learn his name.
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    "Almost there, Almost there..."

    That's the harmonica frog's name.

    Say it with me, Starfig.

    Rap Per Tun Nie

    Good job.


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