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    Question E2 Nute Gunray and Viceroy

    Hi! I don't mean to post the same message twice, but in a previous post I asked if a E2 Nute Gunray or other viceroy was in the works, one personb said there was a holograph one and another said an E2 version. Can anyone deciseively rule which one is being made. Also, does anyone know when hasbro will make more announcements of upcoming waves. And finally, can anyone give me a link to all these character lists that they saw characters like Wat Tambor on? Thanks alot!


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    well, i know holo E1 Nute and Lott Dodd are coming soon, but im sure E2 Nute can't be that far behind.
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    We've seen prototypes for both Lott Dod and a holographic TPM Nute Gunray. Lott should see his basic figure released to retail before the end of the year, but as for Nute, his fate is still somewhat of a mystery. An AOTC Nute or Gilramos is only speculation at this point.

    As for the lists you seek, they were pulled off several sites by Lucasfilm/Hasbro, and most of the figures are by now already released.
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