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    Is the VALUE there in the Deluxe Line?

    I wrote this in response to someone else posting about the Darth Maul photos, but save for the homage paid to Maul, I thought my ideas of what Deluxe Figures SHOULD be might be worth debate amongst the collectors.

    I'd like to add that I forgot Amanaman was supposed to be really large this time. We'll see....

    [My old post]

    Actually, Maul and the Droid look exactly like they did in the comic, and Jan Duursema is Dark Horse's very best artist.

    True, I don't think Maul's training droids were close to her best artwork, but I do hope it signals a start towards doing some of her other characters like Villie and Quinlan Vos.

    As to the Deluxe Figures, Luke in Bacta Tank is the only Real Value Added deluxe piece I can see. THAT is one heck of a set!

    Leia is next with at the least a large accessory, but to be honest, I don't see an improvement over the old Slave Leia figure, and I'm just buying this to get the sailbarge cannon, in hopes that in the next several years or so, I'll be constructing my own sailbarge for my action figures, and this'll give me an authentic piece. Leia just goes with the scene. The set doesn't match up to Luke's.

    Maul? I like the look and tattoos, and fact that he's from an actual story in the chronology, though I'd prefer new characters for EU, like Quinlan. There's no value added with the accessory or articulation that I can see. I am excited about this figure, but not thrilled with it being offered in the deluxe line. Finally, I hope this is the last Darth Maul figure we see for a few years!

    Amanaman. Again, I'm really happy to be getting this figure and I voted for him in the polls. I don't see the Deluxe value in him and why he couldn't be carded. The corpse he comes with is very nicely done, but is it plastic weight in value next to a bacta tank? Is a repacked Salacious Crumb that has nothing to do with Amanaman's character?

    I think some of the other posters who suggested:
    Nute with Mecho-chair
    Han with Torture Chair
    Reikeen with Command Counsel
    Luke with bionic hand and Med Table
    General Dadonna with Tactical Computer
    Rebel Hoth Ground Crew with Maintainence Energizer
    Queen with Throne (or Purple Queen with Starship Throne)
    Frog Vendor (SwokesSwokes) with Chubba Stand

    and more - all would be more worth their price value. Take my list, add yours, and write to Hasbro. These are all more value-added sets than Amanaman and Maul, and more exciting than another Slave Leia.

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    Thumbs up

    I can see your point in the Amanaman figure, Salacious Crumb has nothing to do there, instead they should have placed Bubo!!

    I'm going to buy it anyway.
    As always...........L

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    I mentioned this in another thread but it's worth repeating. A super-articulated Biker Scout with Speeder Bike. I like JediCole's suggestion that it be a more accurate Speeder Bike, too.

    Han and Luke with dead, split-belly TaunTaun.

    These two in addition to the ones you mentioned above.

    I agree that Bacta Luke is the only real deluxe in this set, but I'm glad to have Amanaman also.
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    Spidey DM looks like a POC. I think I'll pass.

    However the Bacta Luke set looks like good diorama building material. Throw in the upcoming FX-7 and an old 2-1B and you have a rebel sick bay!

    The Leia set looks like it's worth the money as well, but not as much as the Luke set.

    As for Amanaman...Let's just say it's the tool of the devil.

    (It's a freakin squished unripe banana peel for heaven's sake!)
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    (It's a freakin squished unripe banana peel for heaven's sake!)

    it IS the fan choice....

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    Originally posted by Rollo Tomassi
    it IS the fan choice....
    Its only the fan choice because it has the sticker saying "2nd fan choice",Now if it didn't have that it would just be another deluxe figure
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    I think Maul is the only figure here who isn't worth the deluxe price tag. I could see Leia being sold without the big gun, but we already have a single-carded Leia, so it seems like a good idea to give her a huge ROTJ prop she actually interacts with.
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    They all look really nice to me. Some more than others, granted, but I think I will be searching for all of them.
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    I'll put the figs in order of what I consider best value for the dollar:

    Bacta Luke - without a doubt, the best value; for ten bucks, that's a lot of plastic.

    Amanaman - He beat out Leia because of the fact that this is our first new version of this character. To me, if this fig had been offered on a regular card, it would have been missing the skeleton; this extra accessory deems this fig worthy of the deluxe line and puts it over the edge into the area of uber- coolness!

    Leia - very cool fig, ok gun. I'm not to keen on the gun, but hey, that's just me. The Leia fig is awsome, though!

    Maul - cool fig, awful accessory. The droid is big, yes, but a little on the lame side, Imo. I'm not to big on figs based from the comics, but I am looking foward to this Maul. (but after this, no more, Hasbro!)
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