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    The Tri-Pod gun with the Red Clone Trooper?

    The weight of the gun has bent the legs on mine to where it won't stand anymore, has this happened to everyone elses as well?

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    The gun is that heavy? I got the lay-a-way with the openers of my figs out tonight but haven't noticed anything wrong with my tri-pod gun. Do you have it next to any warm sources? That could be causing the legs to go soft.
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    Nope, not around any heat, the legs are a real soft rubber, softer than the gun.

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    Mine's fine, did you sit somthing ontop of yours on accident. Maybe stick it away in a box or somthing with some figures and they got bent?

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    Nope, maybe mines a variation.

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    I haven't had any problem with mine and have no answers for you. Sorry,but the trooper looks good. Hey, at the prices try buying another.If the gun still isn't any good you would still have another trooper. I know thats lame,the gun should be better.
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    Unhappy actually, red cloneys seem to've been all bought out by army-builders

    . . .but if it's another tripod cannon you seek, maybe i can help

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    the red clone is a very good figure...........pitty that the gun is lame and the tripod......very difficult to be held by cloney with that legs
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    Maybe your tripod was kept near a heat source in the store or some Hasbro employee screwed up and used the wrong amount or "softness" of plastic when casting it.

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    Hey man, mine has started to do that too. I think it's because of the sun though. I have a big ol' ski-light in my room and no blinds. Bummer.
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