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    good selection in batavia--huh?

    figures the best assortment in weeks is practically in friggin Iowa

    be nice if they had a selection that good near the city
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    toys r us in melrose park has yoda,dooku,chewbacca,han,obiwan pilot

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    Updates from last night and this morning:
    - Target in Crestwood had decent amount of djas/palpy/massiff last night
    - Walmarts (Bridgeview, Golf/Algonquin, Mt Prospect) this morning had nothing.

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    Speaking of great selections...on my way to Iowa on Sunday I stopped at the Sterling IL WalMart...WOW, talk about the best mix of figures ever...almost EVERY figure since Apr 23 was represented. Up to and including Teemto Pagalies and Ki Adi Mundi. I scraped together some change and picked up Teemto (It sucks being broke) and my best friend bought me a Chewbacca. Then when I got to Iowa, the Davenport Target had almost the same selection (No Ki or Teemto) Now had I only had money I would have picked up the rest...don't my bill collectors know I collect Star Wars and have to have all my availible cash in a movie year? Oh yeah and if anyone needs a Bloody Luke, let me know, I found a couple for trade
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    Target on Meacham had a few new things...Obi Chewie, Ki, Teemto, Han, Nexu, Anakin
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    Found the Ackley at Target in Vernon Hills on 60 Saturday. I'd say they had 5, but many where in bad boxes. I got the best one, but one of the corners on my box is a little damaged. The Chewy wave is everywhere. Plus, white DC Han's can be found pretty easy too. Nothing past #40 yet.
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    Skyywalkerr, what do you want to trade the bloody luke for. I could just buy it from you. What did you want for it?

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    KB Toys in Batavia has a boat load of chewie, han ( grey & white), abd obi pilot. Got the playskool SW jr xwing and naboo sets too. Also scored some bloody lukes I have already traded for the new anakin and darth maul. Target in Batavia had lot of unleashed jango and darth maul .

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    Haven't made any updates lately because there isn't anything new being found since I found Teemto & Ki two weeks ago. I stop at two to three walmarts on my way to work in the morning (two today - saw boxes being opened, but no Hasbro). I also hit a couple stores during lunch, and maybe one or more on my way home.

    Target on Joliet & LaGrange had Massif/Djas/Palpy last night.
    Target across from Rosemont Horizon had Han/Chewie/Obi wave Tuesday evening.
    If anyone needs #1-#16 with the inserts, TRU on Golf, west of Woodfield, had a bunch of them Tuesday, including some that are no so common - R2, Dex, Obi (CC), Kit, Boba.

    If anyone is still looking for anything through #40, please post so I know whether or not to share these finds, otherwise I'll just assume you're all caught up with the first 40 and only post if I find anything newer than #40.

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    Hey guys..KB at Woodfield had Ki and Teemto and Djas...although I was too broke to buy any of them, they were there. (If anyone knows where I can get a good job, let me know )
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