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    Originally posted by bucaroo
    found out every walmart got comp jorge sacul.... so start begging the dept mgr if you need one. Target in batavia had new 3PO and yoda no more left since the stocker checked the back ... the little green guy evaded me
    What do you mean every Wal Mart got comp a Jorg Sacul. To me and all the reports from experts this doesn't seem possible. I think you are going to have to explain a little more on this one to get anyone to believe you
    If you want to find it you have to shop.

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    Question jorge sacul at wal-mart?!?!?!

    whoooaaaaa...... waita minute.... back-up.... EVERY wal-mart was alotted a jorge sacul or two?

    where did you find this out? what wal;-marts have them? how many is each alotted? when do they arrive? has anyone found them yet? how much do they cost?

    i must confess to being pretty skeptical about this.... I was at the Hasbro presentation at wizard world 4 weeks ago and they SWORE up and down jorge sacul would never be found anywhere elese

    bucaroo... we need DETAILS!! explain yourself!!

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    Flembar, I'm with you. Seems to be the case of mistaken identity. I do not think this information is very accurate. Evern if it is remotly true, no Wal Mart could sell them becasue it would be a brech of the contract that Hasbro had with Wizards, and I'm sure Wizards wouldn't hesitate to cash in on that lawsuit. I mean taking Hasbro and Wal Mart to court with an air tight case. Whoa, talk about cha-ching$$$$$!!!!!!!

    If anything, and this is still just speculation on my part, I could see one or two of them being given away to Distric Mgrs as a sort of thank you gift. Still that's pushing it.
    If you want to find it you have to shop.

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    Hey fellas.... I was at a walmart yesterday and was told by the toy dept mgr every single walmart received 1 jorge sacul as "gift". The mgr asked if was worth anything and described it perfectly. I tried to buy it from her but she didn't have it with her and was going to check ebay for value. So either she's lying or the hasbro rep you talked to did not know of the single figure distribution . I could care less since I have one, but I thought some of you may have made friends with some dept mgrs during your collecting years. I never meant for anyone to think they would be hanging on the pegs...sorry!

    Anyways..... I have an extra KB RED and YELLOW 12' clone troopers I found today if anybody wants them for cost ($47) LMK.
    Also found He-man and Skeletor with videos if anybody needs them ($32) LMK. I live in St CHarles and work in Aurora if you want to pick em up!

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    Originally posted by bucaroo
    Also found He-man and Skeletor with videos if anybody needs them ($32) LMK. I live in St CHarles and work in Aurora if you want to pick em up!
    Those things go for $12 retail a piece. If you paid $32, you got ripped off.
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    To bad bucaroo, Targets all over Chiland just got tons of He Man stuff in. The Delux He Man only costs $10.00 there. I'd take those couple back to KB and buy them at Target.

    Interesting news about the Sacul at WM. I doubt she was lieing, but it's funny how Hasbro would do that. As if the MGR's do anything for Hasbro. It's not like they are in the store promoting SW toys and telling parents and kids to buy them. Oh well, just more people who get them and couldn't give a crap about them.

    Sad really
    If you want to find it you have to shop.

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    Lunchtime hunt:

    Target on Meacham had only one each of the carded micromachines action fleet. Slightly bent corners on some. Also had the boxed mircomachines MF, X1, X-wings. Also had one Acklay in a damaged box.

    Walmart south of Target on Meacham had the boxed micromachines MF, X1, X-wing.

    TRU on Golf had Luke's X-wing - a bunch of them.

    I didn't pick up any of these since I'm only interested in basic figs and maybe accessory sets. Am I nuts for not picking up some of these for trade? Not worth it since these will all be common soon?

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    Thanks for the update. No your not nuts. These x wing will be @ every TRU for a while. Re-hash vehicles never to to well on the secondary market. No one will trade becasue there is a TRU in every town and they'd just go and buy one themselves. Save your $40.00 to buy more basic figures.
    If you want to find it you have to shop.

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    Thanks for the info, I'm going to go see if they still have the X-Wing now. I've wanted this for a long time, as I hated the Power FX one.

    Also, Target on Toughy in Desplains had Teemto, but no Maul or Ani.
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