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    Target on Touhy had Teemto? The one across from the Horizon? I was there at 4:00 and they had some newer ones (Djas, Chewie, others) but I didn't see Teemto. Did I not dig deep enough? Need to replace mine, found a nice crease in the bubble recently.

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    i have a ? everyone attacked me when i wouldnt tell you guys where i found my ki-adi and teemto but y is it that wolfwood posted in whats the hardest aotc figure to find he posted he saw maul and anakin but didnt say where? I myself could care less cause i already have them but i think everyone should be treated equally

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    Good point. Here's the post:

    I went on a big big hunt throughout Chicago's Northwest subarbs last weekend. The only thing I saw that was rare was Teemto/Maul/TA Anakin (which I only saw at 2 stores) and I only saw 1 acklay. Everything else is pretty plentiful around here.

    Where were they? I usually nail down most stores around woodfield (as well as some south suburbs), and KIDD seems to cover everything east of me.

    KIDD was blasted for not sharing details. Let's have them, kindly.

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    Seeing more Acklays now. Walmart in Bridgeview had 6 this morning, and Walmart in Mt. Prospect had 2.

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    Well, I imagine that Wolfwood used some judgement and knew that most people who where reading that post could care less about where it was found. If I'm reading that thread about HTF Saga figures and I'm from Boring OR, I could care less where the Chiland Target was and what they had.

    True he could of posted what they had hear, but he's not a postaholic so maybe he didn't have enough time to post. But, in the words of the great Grand Moff Tarkin "This bickering is pointless." If you want to trash somebody take it outside of this forum. It's no fun reading an argument on the forums and it's a good way to get our thread shut down.
    If you want to find it you have to shop.

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    Target in Elgin (Randall) had deluxe yoda and 3po ( no more yoda when I left). No sign of accessory packs
    TRU in St Charles had 2 xwing ( 1 smashed boxed)
    Walmart in St Charles had no fringin' basics ( maybe 12-15 peg warmers), but had 4 acklays and all the action fleet assortment
    KB and target in Batavia nothing to speak of

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    Lunchtime hunt: Was going to hit multiple stores, but first stop at Target in Rosemont got me the four accessory sets so I didn't bother going elsewhere. There were one or two each remaining after I left. I also noticed one carded action fleet item; not sure which one, and I'm not interested in that line so I didn't look harder (sorry). They also had djas/palpy/massif but not in large numbers.

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    where is the rosemont target located?
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    On Mannheim Rd. and Touhy, right across the street from the Rosemont Horizon (Allstate Arena).

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    i can confirm that as of 3:00 pm this afternoon target at toughy and mannheim in rosemont had two hoth accessory sets left and one arena battle set. I grabbed the last endor set and the death star set was sold out. additionally, they had palpy but appeared to be sold out of djas...and they had the usuals

    thanks for the tip U156446--67937867899037899403977892-30886799870-=80974783039$%$*$)$*(*(#_))*&!^

    ever thought about changing your handle?

    A death mark is not an easy thing to live with.


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